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What are the baby essentials?

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NewbieOnTheWay Tue 27-Jan-09 14:31:33

Hi Everybody, I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have just started to think everything through now, what would you say is the most important things to have when baby arrives?

I don't know the sex of the baby and don't have a huge budget. I have been looking at some things online prams etc but they all seem so expensive I was thinking of shopping at Boots so I got money back in points for everything I buy to balance it out a bit.

What are your reccomendations and pet hates please?

Thanks xx

mad4mybaby Tue 27-Jan-09 14:34:00

those changing units are a complete waste of money...and also unless you live in a flat i think nappy bins are a waste of money as you can buy nappy sacks like 300 for £1 and stick them in there and put them in your outside bin every time you leave the house. baby baths are also a waste of money, use a bucket or the sink!

bouncy chair and baby arch is always a saver for me and a high chair that can grow with them like a tripp trapp

scorpio1 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:35:10

somewhere to sleep - baby can go in cot from birth, as long as you put them feet to foot, thus saving on moses basket

you could get a second hand pram. Most mothers buy massive travel systems, only to buy a Maclaren at about 4 months anyway! As long as you get a lie flat stroller, its fine. You could maybe get a sling too.

BF is free grin

You will need vests and babygros - try some sales.

You can bath baby in sink or hold them in with you, get washable nappies (some councils offer loans) - you really can do a baby quite cheaply. Check out ebay too.

cmotdibbler Tue 27-Jan-09 14:35:34

Some nappies (cloth ones second hand are cheapest overall)
Some flannels to use as wipes (from pound shop or Ikea)
Some babygrows and vests (borrow from friends, buy second hand at NCT sale, or ask on Freecycle)
A sling (stretchy wrap or ringsling, secondhand)
some muslins (again, second hand, borrowed, Freecycle)
A moses basket (borrow or Freecycle)

You really don't need that much, and as newborn stuff isn't used for very long its a bargain second hand

scorpio1 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:36:21

you dont need bath toiletries for babies either - just plain water is plenty in early weeks.

mad4mybaby Tue 27-Jan-09 14:37:42

top and tail bowl waste of money and time, i use a plastic pot from the kitchen! proper 'outfits' are a waste of money too. you will end up changing them so many times.

eleanorsmum Tue 27-Jan-09 14:38:21

if you don't mind second hand look up freecycle too! there are some greta things on there.

if you do buy a pram you can get ones that the pram bit comes off and can be used as carrycot/moses basket. I did this and is was greta, mine came from a freead advert and it was £30 for the whole lot, car seat, carrycot, pushahcir bit, rain cover, suncanpoy, cosy toes - the whole lot. there are some bargains out there!

Leeza2 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:39:11

scorpio speaks sense

FruitynNutty Tue 27-Jan-09 14:40:51

Sling - waste of money as DS was sooooo heavy
Baby bath - I agree with mad4mybaby
nappy bins - as above
changing units - as above
Steriliser - only if you plan to FF/express, if you do buy one, don't buy a branded one. Boots just as good. I found the upright electric one to be the best. Microwave ones great but don't hold as many bottles.
if you do FF, those little plastic containers which hold three lots of powder are fab!
Moses basket - make sure you buy a BIG one, DS grew out of his very quickly.

Can't think of anything else, gotta go and pick up DS from nursery

Congrats on pregnancy btw smile

NewbieOnTheWay Tue 27-Jan-09 14:42:15

WOW thank you.

I had thought about using reusable nappies but am a little unsure about the different kinds there seems to be lots of them and they are so expensive am very worried about wasting my money although I have heard about a scheme in my area that provides them or refunds money or something.

Has anyone tried the Graco Cleo pram?

I am also hoping to breastfeed do I need a breast pump, bottles and steriliser just incase?

cmotdibbler Tue 27-Jan-09 14:46:12

You can buy cloth nappies for 2.50 or so each second hand, so they don't have to be pricey

If you are going to bf, you don't need a pump etc. You can always send someone out to buy them if you were desperate

I'm still carrying my DS who is 2.8 in a sling, so they are OK for big children

scorpio1 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:47:49

if you want to BF its best (IMO) not to have bottles/FF in the house as it can be so tempting. Someone can always pop out to get those things. You wont want to express until BF is established anyway

Ask your council about real nappies.

scorpio1 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:48:31

DO get yourself proper BF bras, measured, though. Do that late in pg.

NewbieOnTheWay Tue 27-Jan-09 14:50:35

I am on just now having a look at stuff and I had added a Tommee Tippee Microwave steriliser and Boots breast pump, but if they are not essential then I won't bother. Thank heavens I asked

MrsTittleMouse Tue 27-Jan-09 14:52:15

Unless you live in a house miles away from civilization, then please do not buy the pump, steriliser etc. They can really hinder breastfeeding when you're new to it, and the baby is new to it, and it's tempting to give some formula just this once. You won't want to pump for a while anyway - when the baby is little then it's better to breastfeed to keep your supply up (especially at night - sorry!) and pumping for someone else to feed is exhausting and no help at all. Plus some babies just don't take to a bottle, ever.

If things go completely pear-shaped, then there is always 24 hour Tescos. In fact, that goes for most baby stuff. I also was given baby shampoo, baby bath etc. and I still have them. DD1 is now 2 and DD2 is on the way, and I have used them a handful of times as both DDs have dry skin. It's better to use plain water to wash and olive oil to moisturise for the first few weeks anyway - even if your baby has perfect skin it'll be quite sensitive when the baby is really little.

MrsTittleMouse Tue 27-Jan-09 14:53:52

only a handful of times, that should be - and even then they weren't essential.

NewbieOnTheWay Tue 27-Jan-09 14:54:13

Does anyone have a Babasling? I really like the look of the red one.

MrsTittleMouse Tue 27-Jan-09 14:57:08

My sling is the one thing that I am very that I haven't used. Both DDs hated/hate it. I had lovely fantasies of a cosy sleeping baby and both hands free! Do you have friends you could borrow from to see what your baby likes?

HollyPutTheKettleOn Tue 27-Jan-09 14:57:34

Try TKMaxx for things like slings. I was in there just now and they had Baba Slings for £19.95 and Peanut Shell pocket slings for £19.99 as well as Brio changing bags and loads of footmuffs. It really is the place for baby stuff!

potplant Tue 27-Jan-09 15:00:12

Steer well clear of those 'essentials for baby' lists in Mothercare and the like - its just designed to flog the panicked first time mother! I bought two brand new bottle warmers (even though I planned to breastfeed) on the advice of staff at Mothercare. I didn't even take them out of the box.

Buying too many baby clothes is a big mistake loads of people make. All you need are vests, babygros and a cardi (unless they'll be newborn in winter, in which case get a coat as well). Everyone will buy you baby clothes when the lo arrives. Unless you think that you are going to have a prem/small baby don't bother with newborn clothes. they wil have grown our of them before you have time to wash and dry them.

NewbieOnTheWay Tue 27-Jan-09 15:00:22

I never thought of TKMaxx for baby things. There is a huge ine down the road. I might go have a look tomorrow actually.

I better head out to the shop before my hubby gets in but thank you.

MrsBadger Tue 27-Jan-09 15:07:38

wipes (or flannels + water, better than cotton wool)


TKMaxx is still more expensive than Tesco for babygrows
they have designer stuff cheaper rather than basic stuff actually cheap IME

use pillowcases as pram/ moses basket sheets (slip mattress inside)

more importantly, get yourself some attractive bf-friendly nightwear, and a new dressing gown if yours is a bit tatty.
Can also recommend a digital tv recorder (ie like sky+ without sky) so you can record good tv and watch it at 3am

MrsTittleMouse Tue 27-Jan-09 15:33:33

And an insulated cup if you don't want to drink cold tea for the next 5 years. And chocolate.

dustbuster Tue 27-Jan-09 15:41:20

When the time comes, the Ikea Antilop highchair is the best I have found and only costs £12.

Leeza2 Tue 27-Jan-09 18:06:23

a decent TV and some system to record programmes, like a freeview box or sky plus. there is never anything decent on when you have settled down to feed your LO. you dont want to end up watching [whispers] Richard and Judy blush

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