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Bigger breast feeding bras???

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dabihp Tue 05-Apr-05 15:40:31

Any ideas where to buy bigger breast feeding bras - bigger roudn the back, not the bust?
everywhere seems to stop at 42.??

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 15:41:39

I pointed Misdee to a site that went up to a 48" I'll try to relink.

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 15:43:18

this one goes to 44"

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 15:45:10

what back size do you need ?

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 15:47:34

a few of these go up to a 48"

dabihp Tue 05-Apr-05 15:48:18

scared to measure - lol, probably around 46C

dabihp Tue 05-Apr-05 15:49:13

Crickie, arent they expensive! Guess its all the extra material... sigh...

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 15:55:34

They are expensive, but then decent supportive bras are expensive these days. Frustrating though it is.

misdee Tue 05-Apr-05 15:59:21

its a nightmare isnt it. i have spent around £60 on bras today. and thy are all basic feedings bras.

misdee Tue 05-Apr-05 16:01:26

danihp have you given birth yet? i was 44C right up until my milk came in, am now a 42E.

dabihp Tue 05-Apr-05 17:30:51

lol, I wish Misdee. got another 7 weeks to go!

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