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chickenpox in pregnancy/ harmful?

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mirchops Tue 05-Apr-05 13:58:04

hi, I'm 38 weeks w second baby and have been exposed to chickenpox two days ago. i can't get hold of my doctor so got nervous and wondered if anyone knows if this could be in anyway harmfull. I think I've had chickenpox as a child, and also I'm quite close to my due date so perhaps it's nothin? Does anyone know? cheers mirchops

Lua Tue 05-Apr-05 15:02:43

mIRCHOPS, If you are immune to the virus (i.e. you had as a child) you should not have anything to worry about it. Even if you haven't the risks are smaller the farther along you are, so I'll think you'll be OK.
I think you still should get through your GP or MW and get yourself tested to know if you areally immune or not.


Potty1 Tue 05-Apr-05 15:16:47

Mirchops - if you've had it its fine. If not you should speak to your GP, there is a risk if you have it when baby is born. I had it in pregnancy when I was 26 weeks and was given an anti-body injection to lessen the effect. I had a pretty bad dose but ds1 was fine.

berolina Tue 05-Apr-05 16:53:53

Hi there

Had a similar dilemma recently when I was exposed to shingles. If you're really not sure whether you had cpox, you can have a blood test to check your immunity. But be warned: I had the test and was amazed to discover it was negative, because I was certain I'd had it and so were my parents, but have now been told it's just about possible that I am immune and the antibodies just don't show up the immunity. However: As you're 38 weeks, there is a risk that if you do get cpox the baby could get it congenitally or just after birth, which could make him/her quite ill. (There is no danger of 'deformities' at your stage). I would inform your MW and GP of the exposure and possibly have a shot of ZIG (zoster immunoglobulin) just in case. The baby can be given it too when he/she's born to lessen any illnes.
HTH! (BTW: most people have had cpox and therefore are fine)

hoolie Tue 05-Apr-05 21:31:14

i'am going to try for a baby this month by my family have chickenpox,will it affect me in anyway or the baby.
look forward to your reply.

Amanda3266 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:34:57

hoolie - if you've had chickenpox then there is no problem.

hoolie Tue 05-Apr-05 21:47:12

thankyou for your reply

mirchops Thu 07-Apr-05 10:22:33

Hi thanks all for replying! I've had a blood screening to see if I have antibodies and am waiting for the answer. Doc says it wont harm the baby if I have antibodies myself, but as you said Berolina, it may well be that the antibodies just don't show up in which case I'll have a shot probably. Anyway the main risk is if the baby gets it, bit worried becuz even if I did have it as a child and I have enough antibodies to pass on to my baby, my ds of 2 might well break out just around the time of giving birth as there is a 2 wk incubation time. ANYWAY I'll just have to wait and see wont I and with two weeks to go, water retention, feeling like a heffalump and not getting much sleep at night I believe I have enough to think about right now...

koonelly Thu 07-Apr-05 11:18:18

Hi, can i just hijack this and ask what about at about 20 weeks, am due to go to nephew's christening sunday and neice has c/pox! is there any risk?

hoxtonchick Thu 07-Apr-05 11:30:47

koonelly i think the problems arise if you aren't immune and are exposed either at the beginning or end of pregnancy. so you should be ok at 20 weeks.

berolina Fri 08-Apr-05 20:15:04

konelly, I wouldn't do it unless you're absolutely certain you've had cpox, and even then I might consider staying at home (see my tale below). 20 weeks is on the boundary for risk of congenital varicella syndrome.

koonelly Sat 09-Apr-05 10:00:20

Hi, i definately had c/pox when i was 18. Neice has had spots over a week now, spoke to m/w yeaterday and she said that should be ok, but just looked it up on bbc-health and still a bit worried. Got to go really, but think will keep distance, just worried that my 4 year old might pick it up (excited about seeing cousin), which will then extrend my risk!!

berolina Sat 09-Apr-05 12:22:13

If you really can't get out of it then just try to avoid really direct contact. In your place I would err on the side of caution (but then I'm a champion worrywart) but if you decide to go then it might help you a bit that 20 weeks is really on the edge of the 'danger zone' and even before 20 weeks the risk of cvs is 'only' 1 in 50.

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