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Getting a posterior baby to turn? (33 weeks)

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laumiere Thu 22-Jan-09 23:38:41

Currently expecting baby 2, am 33 weeks now and midwife told me that he's facing the wrong way (he's back to back with me, rather than facing my spine). Anyone got any sure-fire ways to get him to turn round?

MW suggested lots of time on all fours (insert smutty comment here) but that really isn't comfortable!

BlueCowBackToWondering Fri 23-Jan-09 03:29:31

you could try other ways but on all fours could work best. How about making sure your knees are cushioned and you get support leaning over a bean bag or birth ball.

Apart from that, always sleeping on your left side might help, and making sure you never sit slumped (on the sofa, or driving) but that you are upright or leaning forward all the time. And maybe sitting backwards over a dining chair if there's one the right size, then you can lean your arms on the back of it.

Good luck!

dinkystinky Fri 23-Jan-09 09:21:20

Take a look at

lots of good recommendations on there.

Otherwise lotrs of being on all fours (15 minute bursts should do it - you can rest your head on your hands on the floor if that helps), keep your hips higher than your knees at all times (.i.e. sit on birth ball or on a pillow/towel on the sofa) and lots of walking - my DS was going posterior at that stage and did all that and was in perfect position for birth...

belgo Fri 23-Jan-09 09:24:18

You could try all fours, but if it's uncofortable, then I wouldn't, as I believe the comfort of your own body is telling you what's best for your body and baby. All my babies were OP, two turned during labour, which I spent on my hands and knees as the contractions were all in my back and that was the only way I felt comfortable.

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