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HELP!! due today - brown gunk for 24 hours - is this a show?!

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kinkent Thu 22-Jan-09 10:12:59

sorry to be so graphic! due today and had what i think was a show yesterday but its carried on and is now thinkbrown gunk - is that normal? Also having constant almost crippling lower ab pains... this is number 3 but never had this before

Any ideas?!

moopymoo Thu 22-Jan-09 10:14:34

yes sounds like show! Plug coming away can be very gloopy. Maybe ring midwife to check esp if it is at all greeny or black. But sounds normal and the start of things...very best of luck.

kinkent Thu 22-Jan-09 10:18:22

I hope its starting - have been having so many bouts of contractions for weeks its starting to get very annoying! Keep being told this is normal in a 3rd pregnancy...NOT helpful!

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 10:45:48

Yes - sounds like a show to me (mine looked like a slimey brown slug, lovely!!!)

Good Luck - x -

rrrayray Thu 22-Jan-09 15:20:28

I too have been having an on-going show! Ewe!

Hopefully it means business for us sometime soon!!!!!

ps, havent seen you on the due in january thread - Come join us all whinging about our babies being late (i was due 20th) and hearing lovely birth stories of those who have already popped!

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 18:35:55

kinkent and rrrayray any news?

rrrayray Thu 22-Jan-09 18:38:18

In need of some advice.....

Have been sort of "dribbling" downstairs since lunchtime. Now using a pad, as a panty liner wasn't cutting it. Bit confused, is this my waters?

Mainly clear, still getting the odd pinky mucusy bit mixed in, doesn't smell of anything. Just feeling constantly "damp" down there.

Any ideas? No Contractions or anything.... just dampness.

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 18:51:02

... sounds like waters to me grin

let your MW or birthing suite know - and try and get some sleep while you can xCall the hospital - let me know how you go,I'll be here all night if you need some one to talk to smile

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 18:51:48

is this your first?

do you know what you're having?

rrrayray Thu 22-Jan-09 19:37:34

just demolished my dinner.

Am shock that you think waters?! wow.... Trying not to get excited though. Thanks so much for your advice.

Yes, first timer- hence the cluelessness.
We're expecting a baby girl, but wont be sure until i see between their legs grin

Have dull period ache in tum, but nothing coming or going or anything.

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 19:49:26

thats exaclty what happened to me - had my daughter around 6 hours later... keep me posted

wideratthehips Thu 22-Jan-09 19:50:12

phone delivery suite if you think waters have gone...i've had one pos. and one neg. but they like to measure the hours from when waters go to when baby arrives

mummy2t Thu 22-Jan-09 19:56:02

this is great!!!!!! you sound same as me, 4 ours after my " dull period ache " i had my ds1!!! good luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rrrayray Thu 22-Jan-09 19:57:29

called MW. want to see me. off armed with pad as evidence!

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 20:07:37

good luck smile

kinkent Thu 22-Jan-09 20:55:20

been pacing all day with strong irregular contractions but still not developing...all like v painful period pains and really hurts when I sit down - anyone had this?
rrrayray - let us know whats happening when you can!

onlywantsone Thu 22-Jan-09 20:57:28

try and either rest - or get on all fours helped me, I wrapped myself up in a duvet and lots of blankets and just rocked in the dark on the floor (partner was at the pub hmm)

kinkent Thu 22-Jan-09 20:59:36

funnily enough thats where mine is...i sent him away as being too annoying

thatsnotmymonster Thu 22-Jan-09 21:05:32

kinkent- that sounds like me when I had ds (dc1 of 3). I had the brownish gunk for about 24 hours then got 2 or 3 lots of mucus- think huge mass of browm/pink jelly (vile).
Next morning I had v v v v bad period pains like you are describing. I couldn't eat, stand, sit, stay still and the pain came in waves so I decided to go in to hospital. I went from 3 to 10cm in less than hour and ds was born after about 6 hours!

Good luck!

kinkent Thu 22-Jan-09 21:32:24

wow! hope I am that close. had long arduous labours with dd1 and dd2 so a quick one this time would be good!

onlywantsone Fri 23-Jan-09 09:29:23

...any news?

kinkent Fri 23-Jan-09 11:54:47

not from me! only thing is brown gunk has turned to more reddy blood - not sure if this is still show or something I should get started on Wed morning so thought might be over by now?

thatsnotmymonster Fri 23-Jan-09 14:16:25

I think it can be quite bloody. Worth calling your MW to make sure tho!

onlywantsone Fri 23-Jan-09 14:34:55

give your MW ring - they'll be happy to reassure you, and it may mean you need to be checked - good luck smile and keep us posted!

nappyaddict Sun 25-Jan-09 13:31:45

any news?

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