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20 weeks and have no energy whatsoever, so tired and miserable.

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froggy16 Tue 20-Jan-09 18:06:32

Hi, I have spent most of the past week in tears as I am so tired and feel so low. This is my third, and I can't remember feeling so tired in the second trimester before. I thought you were supposed to feel at your best!! I am finding it a real struggle getting up, taking kids to school and going to work. DP is a real saint and helps whereever he can. I am already on anti-depressants from before getting pregnant. I need some positive vibes

mrsgboring Tue 20-Jan-09 18:15:31

froggy I always feel awful throughout the second trimester. It is horrendous but normal. Sorry you're feeling this way. I perk up a little between 30 and 36 weeks, but mostly it's a case of grinding your way through it.

froggy16 Tue 20-Jan-09 18:27:33

I can't wait til I have this baby, I feel really useless at mo

SatHereSitting Tue 20-Jan-09 18:37:39

Froggy have you had your iron levels checked recently? I only ask because the past couple of weeks I've been feeling like this too, extremely tired and just plain miserable sad Went to the doctors on friday and just got my blood tests back and i'm anemic (sp)
Might be worth getting them checked smile

beanstalk Tue 20-Jan-09 19:30:11

Also get your thyroid levels checked - I had low thyroid (underactive) when I was pregnant and in the end got prescribed thyroxine to correct it. I felt depressed and tired as you describe. It was completely isolated to the pregnancy and was fine after DD was born. Also as SatHere says it could be low iron, anaemia can come on quite suddenly. Get blood tests done to check these two things first.

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