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Baby lying transverse-28 wk

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wellbalanced Mon 19-Jan-09 21:11:47

My baby has always been transverse and at my midwife check last week was noted as transverse.
I know they say babies can still move alot, mine moves but hasnt moved position. My bump is growing sideways not outwards, at wkd i had a definate head imprint and bum imprint!!
Anyway for those that had transverse babies at 28 weeks have they always moved? Or has anyone had a transverse baby that hasn't turned and ended up having a c section?

chloejessmeg Mon 19-Jan-09 21:17:55

Not transverse but my DD was breech till about 35 weeks, I honestly wouldn't worry about it yet. Your MW will talk to you about it if she is worried.

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Jan-09 21:18:10

both mine were flipped between transverse and oblique a lot.
in fact ds1 was still at it at around 36/37 weeks

strawberrycornetto Mon 19-Jan-09 21:20:44

My DD was transverse for quite a while. She did go head down, but moved into an awkward position during labour so I ended up with a cs. My DS was also transverse and in the end the consultant agreed to book me a cs because they said that I had an "unstable lie" because of what had happened with DD.

From the research I did, it seems that transverse babies will turn up til quite late so try not to worry, but if your baby is still transverse closer to the end, have another chat with your midwife to see what they think. Good luck.

pluto Mon 19-Jan-09 21:25:09

I'm coming up for 36 weeks. Babe has been transverse throughout pregnancy. MW said that by 36 weeks that babies have usually made their minds up and she'll be sending me for a scan after my appt with her on Weds if it still hasn't turned. Apparently transverse is less common than breech. I look forward to seeing this laid back little creature on the scan if nothing else but a bit gutted as it probably puts paid to VBAC plans - I can't say I blame them for lying sideways though

wellbalanced Mon 19-Jan-09 21:30:25

Ive been reading this...

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