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Due date today, do I have to worry that they will induce me???????

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trinityrocks Sun 03-Apr-05 09:06:36

I am due today and nothing is happening. With my first I had her 3 days before so I have never gone over my "dates". When will the midwives or doctors make me have something done. I don't want to be induced as they have no epidurals in my maternity hospital!!! Also I would rather just do it naturally anyway.

LIZS Sun 03-Apr-05 09:11:37

Mears is probably best qualified to answer but they can't make you be induced afaik. They may suggest it for 7-10 days over but if you are healthly and the placenta is continuing to function properly you could hold out for longer.

Fingers crossed it all kicks off naturally for you soon.

logic Sun 03-Apr-05 09:11:56

It's awful when your due date arrives and nothing happens isn't it? It's the lack of control that bugged me. Anyway, last time, I went 9 days over before going into labour naturally. They would have induced at 11 days - same here, I went to a small hospital and wanted a natural birth. Best thing to do is keep busy. Keep the bags handy but go for a walk or something, anything rather than sit in the house going 'Ooh is that a twinge?' Good luck!

emmatmg Sun 03-Apr-05 09:13:19

at you next MW appt they'll book a date for induction.

as far as I know they set the date for 10-14 days after due date but it really does just depend on the pregnancy.

you could start doing all the stuff listed on here to bring on labour.

I've had all 3 ds's on the day of my appt with MW to book induction, does that make sense?

emmatmg Sun 03-Apr-05 09:17:16

when i had ds1 there was one consultant who would let you go 3 weeks over before inducing.

I reckon the silly sod didn't want to do any work!

3 WEEKS!!! thats bloody torture!

vickiyumyum Sun 03-Apr-05 09:34:16

with ds1 i went 3 weeks over before being induced, this was because at 40weeks i desperatley didn't want to be induced so said to them you are not inducing me, from 41 1/2 weeks i aghreed to go in for monitorinmg every other day but at 43 weeks i was so fed uo thought he was never going to come out. so said go ahead and do your worst and was induced. at 43 weeks and 3 days.
p.s he was 10lb 4oz

emmatmg Sun 03-Apr-05 09:44:54

Blimey vick....was ever gonna come out?

I wonder how long you would have gone?

starlover Sun 03-Apr-05 09:44:56

when I reached my due date I saw the midwife and she booked me an appointment with a consultant for a week's time, just to discuss induction.
WEnt into labour the day of my appointment! precisely one week over

emmatmg Sun 03-Apr-05 09:45:25

was HE ever gonna ........

snafu Sun 03-Apr-05 10:13:35

I also went into labour naturally on the day of my induction - 11 days over. They can't force you to be induced and I didn't really want to be, but then again by day 10 I was just desperate for it to all be over! If you say you don't want an induction they will probably ask you to have checkups every couple of days. Something like only 5% of babies actually arrive on their due date anyway

trinityrocks Sun 03-Apr-05 15:25:27

ok, thanks guys I feel better now

cod Sun 03-Apr-05 15:30:29

Message withdrawn

feelingold Tue 05-Apr-05 23:11:23

I was 4 days overdue with 2nd when induced (had high blood pressure) and 14 days overdue with 3rd before induced. Try not to worry, I know being induced isn't ideal but it's also not that bad and I only used gas and air as pain relief with both. Good luck.

wheresmyfroggy Tue 05-Apr-05 23:16:25

DW went 10 days over with dd, induction was booked for next day! (think that might have scared dd into action)

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 23:19:20

DS was ten days late and I was due to go in to be induced two days later. Made DH do the deed It worked too

jenkel Wed 06-Apr-05 00:17:00

Dont want to alarm you, but..... my cousin went 3 weeks over her due date, everything looked OK, but baby was stillborn. Not sure what the timescale is, but there is a stage when the placenta starts to deterioate. I was induced for my 1st baby, this was 6 weeks after my couisn lost hers, I really didnt want to be induced, but didnt want to risk anything.

On a happier note, I went into labour the day before my planned induction for dd2, which was 8 days after my due date.

On a even happier note a friend of mine went into hospital to be induced, and they didnt need to, it had all started....

Induction isnt too pleasant but then having a baby isnt either. Dont worry too much, the only important thing is yours and babys health. Good luck and fingers crossed

clary Wed 06-Apr-05 00:44:49

yes jenkel makes a good point,I have heard of a similarly tragic story.
I went 10 days over with DS1, was due to be induced on day 12 iirc. Did everything to start it (fresh pineapple, curry, etc).
On a good note trinity, my sister was induced twice and it was a very positive experience for her both times.

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