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Is it just me.... ? (just letting off steam)

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questionsquestions Sat 17-Jan-09 19:32:01

... that feels crap and really grumpy all the time ?

I've got bad pelvic pain, heartburn, insomnia, sciatica, breathlessness, itching, sinus headaches and about a dozen other adverse pregnancy side effects... so I am sore and tired pretty much all the time... I've had work being a shower of bstrds since ever I told them I was expecting... DP has had DS for a whole 6 hours today while I went out for a break with a friend and has done 0 useful about the house.... just "played with the baby and didn't even have the chance of a sleep (for himself)" and is now decorating the couch because he's had such a hard day... and every tinpot little man in the world (carpark attendants, man where I had to pay a parking ticket, janitors, security guards etc.) thinks it's great to be really patronising and mean to the small very pregnant lady when I am quite sure if I was a 50 year old man in a suit they would be a damn sight more respectful... and of course as it's second pregnancy no-one is remotely interested in it and certainly not sympathetic or making any allowances...

aaarrrghhh... I am so so happy to be pregnant with my much wanted DC2, but good god it's hard going this time... I seem to just spend my life feeling lousy and being really really pissed off.

Thank you... I just needed to vent.

mum2b09 Sat 17-Jan-09 19:33:46

haha u sound just like me at times. iv done nothing but snap at my bf all day iv been in a crappy mood. and yes im getting all the crappy effects of pregnancy too how far along are you hun long left?? xxxxxxxxxxxx

questionsquestions Sat 17-Jan-09 19:56:27

3 months left to go... which feels like an eternity of soreness, and also no time at all to get ready...

mum2b09 Sat 17-Jan-09 20:03:22

iv got 2 months left gets crappy doesnt it your not alone.. I think the shitty moods the lack of sleep 2bh. we shouldnt complain really pregnancys a gift but its bloody hard lol xxxx

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