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Anyone else out there with ante-natal depression?

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Enthusia Sat 02-Apr-05 18:02:46

I am in my 9th week of my first pg and have been finding it very hard going. I have gone from being a highly motivated person to someone who can't even get off the sofa. I have no willingness to do anything and do not take pleasure in things I used to. I also cry very easily and find it hard to control my emotions. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there I could talk to so I do not feel so alone in this. I feel I should be blooming and happy, but I really do not feel it.

I had my first appointment with the midwife yesterday and she said that I have classic symptoms of ante-natal depression and said I should see my doctor as soon as possible. My mum suffered from post natal depression with me and in the last two years has been diagnosed with a lack of seretonin (happiness hormones), the midwife thinks that my normal coping strategies with my hormones have gone out the window now because the pg has caused a hormonal imbalance.

I am going to see my doctor on Monday but could really do with a chat with anyone also going through this, or who has been through it. I feel a bit of a freak.

WideWebWitch Sat 02-Apr-05 18:06:04

I haven't but another mumsnetter set up a site to support women going through this, I think it's here

Enthusia Sat 02-Apr-05 18:19:32

Thanks for the link, that has helped me to see there are others out there, and that unfortunately they have had it harder than me (so far) I am glad I am getting treated nice and early!!!

stressedmummy Sat 02-Apr-05 18:27:25

I had it during my second pregnancy & did not say anything, as I didn't know about anti natal depression & thought people expected me to be happy because I was pregnant.
I really wish that I had talked to my MW now, because I ended up with PND after the birth.
If it had been caught early in the pregnancy that may have been avoided.
You are doing the right thing.
Best of luck.

mummytosteven Sat 02-Apr-05 18:30:49

Hi. I had problems with OCD and depression during my PG - ended up on Prozac at 30 weeks, which I found very hopeful. I think the statistic for depression during PG is quite staggeringly high - something like one in ten - so you are definitely not alone in feeling like this - I know how tough it is to feel like you are the world's only unhappy and ungrateful PG woman, but believe me you are not. It is great that it has been spotted nice and early - with me the warning signs I think were there pretty much from the start of the PG, but I didn't seek treatment till 20 weeks, and didn't stat meds till 30 weeks. You have bags of time to get yourself sorted/treated now and to enjoy the rest of your PG.

There is a thread on here that I will fish out for you about mnetters who felt miserable/grotty/depressed during PG

mummytosteven Sat 02-Apr-05 18:34:19

the other thread on pg/feeling low here:


kama Sat 02-Apr-05 18:54:44

Message withdrawn

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