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What's happening when the baby drops?

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laweaselmys Sat 17-Jan-09 09:29:41

I'm pretty sure baby has dropped at 31 weeks. (1st baby) was walking along and suddenly felt like bump had slipped down, IYSWIM? When I look at the bump as well there seems to be more space between it and my boobs than there was before, and I'm feeling much more pressure on my pubic bone/the muscles at the bottom of my bump.

I'm seeing the MW on thursday so will double check that's what's going on then, but just wondering what's actually going on inside? Does this mean she's in the right position and engaged already?

alicecrail Sat 17-Jan-09 11:34:55

They do say that first babies can drop up to 12wks before they are due and that subsequent ones tend to drop when in labour but don't know if its actually bollocks or not! My mw told me my dd had dropped at 28wks and was 2/5ths engaged. She was born one day late and i really felt her drop as my waters went. I would say she probably is getting lower because she is starting to run out of space. But please do not take my word for it as am certainly no midwife! grin

laweaselmys Sat 17-Jan-09 11:40:02

lol, okay have pootled around the internet and lots of people have mentioned dropping really early and delivering on time so I will resist the urge to worry and just talk to the MW when I see her next week.

alicecrail Sat 17-Jan-09 11:43:20

If you are concerned, take it extra easy, lots of lie ins, no housework, breakfast in bed, that kind of thing wink

laweaselmys Sat 17-Jan-09 11:47:23

grin will absolutely tell DP that is the correct medical advice!

NimChimpsky Sat 17-Jan-09 11:50:06

My dd also dropped and was engaged at my 31 week appointment. She stayed engaged and in that very position until she was born 8 weeks later. smile

Ready, steady.... er, waddle. It certainly changed my gait somewhat.

foxytocin Sat 17-Jan-09 12:05:38

you can eat bigger meals and not get heartburn. grin

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