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Fundraising money for charity using the date of birth of my child

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MamanFlo Sat 02-Apr-05 00:25:40

Hi Mums and Mums to be

tonight I had an idea and would like to have your opinion about it. My baby is due in 21 days now...but it could happen anytime anyday around the due date. I thought that I could organise some kind of bet with my friends and family : for, let's say, £2 you get one try at guessing what day and time my baby will be born. All the money raised goes to charity. As your buying a guess (or several) you state to which charity you would like the money to go (Breastcancer, fertility, child protection ...any charity...). Everything is recorded...and when the baby's comes, the closest guess from the actual birth day and time wins and all the money goes to the chosen charity of the winner.

Do you think that would work ?
Maybe this has been done before ?

If I am doing this I need to act quick, as I have very few days ahead of all your inout will be useful !



hunkermunker Sat 02-Apr-05 00:27:01

That's a nice idea. We had the 'guess' thing with friends, family and colleagues, but no money exchanged hands, grubby paws or charitable manicured ones

MamanFlo Sat 02-Apr-05 00:31:29

my mum is certain that it will be the 24th around 3pm...a sweet revenge as I was born at 3.30 !

bobbybob Sat 02-Apr-05 07:12:56

Or what about for each day they are out they have to pay 50p to the charity chosen by the "winner".

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