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Queen Charlotte in Hammersmith

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uppsydaisyhereicome Fri 16-Jan-09 12:38:22

Does anyone know anything about them, good or bad? I've told the doctor I would like to have my baby there but since haven't hear anything (over 2 weeks now) - just wanted to hear others opinions on it?

jujumaman Fri 16-Jan-09 12:43:53

I think it's an excellent hospital, had my dd2 there after a terrible experience first time round at UCH (though think UCH has just moved to new modern building so may have improved). I found the postnatal staff much more sympathetic, the whole place was clean and reasonably cosy and the fact that it's only a maternity hospital ie not a unit inside a huge hospital meant that risk of mrsa is apparently lesser. Thoroughly recommend

mollythetortoise Fri 16-Jan-09 12:50:57

I had my dd there in 2003 and very impressed. Had a wonderful midwife on the big day, a male midwife and he couldn't have been nicer and stayed two hours past his clocking off time to see my baby born (was long labour!). I was in the Birth center bit. I tried to get in there when my pregnant with my ds (2007) but no room at the inn so had to go to my local hospital instead which was fine too. Lots of my friends have given birth there, a mixture of cirmcumstances (twins, forceps, caesarians both em and el) and overwhelmingly positive stories

Carrie06 Fri 16-Jan-09 14:35:04

Hi I am booked in at QC for a high risk pregnancy. I was transferred there from my local hospital in my last pregnancy at 27 weeks and they delivered my little girl by section; they have one of, if not the biggest neonatal units in the country. I had a room of my own while I was there because of nature of pregnancy however the rest of the ante/post-natal ward was very clean. I can't really comment on post-natal care because of my circumstances, very ill with pre-eclampsia, baby on NICU etc (this was Jan-March 08). The ante-natal clinic is probably like most others - like a meat market - you can wait up to 2 hrs to be seen. If you are an in-patient for any reason, the wards are small and there are a number of single rooms however there can be a tendency for the ante-natal and post-natal wards to be mixed as there are all on the same floor. The doctors are very good - very good consultants. The food is rubbish - steamed elsewhere in the hospital and re-heated by microwave. However, it has a good reputation and if you are able to get in, I would go for it. Cx

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