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Maternity pillows vs. maternity wedges

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Tigerlion Fri 01-Apr-05 12:50:46

Buttonmoon suggested that I buy a maternity wedge from Mothercare to help me sleep better at night. On the internet, I see that there are both wedges which support only one side of you or double-sided maternity pillows which are thin in the middle and supportive of your bump on either side. Any tips on which is the better and most comfortable of the two? I was wide awake for two hours at 3am this morning due to not being able to sleep and I am eager to get some comfortable sleep fast. Plus there are no good TV programmes at that time!

MrsDoolittle Fri 01-Apr-05 12:54:04

Can you get both? I had a maternity wedge, I couldn't have slept without it but I see that usefulness of maternity pillows too

Leogaela Fri 01-Apr-05 16:04:04

i used an extra duvet, its easier to tuck it into the spaces where you need it. try that before spending on a maternity pillow, it is more flexible than a pillow. It didn't solve the hip pains though.

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 16:07:58

I loved my wedge pillow. I also used an ordinary pillow between my knees IYSWIM!

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