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Can I change hospitals if i don't like the first choice?

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LilJ Fri 01-Apr-05 11:51:18

I've just gone to see my GP (I'm six weeks in - 1st time!) and the only thing she really wanted to know was where I wanted to have baby. I was given main choice of Whittington or North Middlesex (I could go with Royal Free or UCH, but no midwife care after 1st visit?) and am probably going for Whittington, but have heard some negative things about it. Can I change my mind after my first tests/visit?
Oh and are all GPs as useless as mine?

hunkermunker Fri 01-Apr-05 11:54:59

Yes, you can change hospitals, I'm sure. Have you been to Dr Foster? You can find out things about the hospitals (their birth to midwife ratio, how many assisted deliveries, caesareans, what facilities they offer, etc.)

My GP's fab, but do know of others who are less so...hope yours gets better. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

uwila Fri 01-Apr-05 12:52:56

Ah, what a nice GP to ask you. When I was six weeks pregnant I went to the GP to tell him I didn't want to go to St.Peters in Chertsey. His words "I'm afraid you don't have a choice". He then went into some big speal about how it's all Blairs fault for telling people they have a choice when in fact they do not. So, off I went to find a new GP. I am now booked into Queen Charlotte in HAmmersmith/Fulham and very happy with the hospital so far.

You can get into a different hospital but you need to act fast. If you wait around and decide later, you will find all the good ones tell you they are full and therefore can't accept you. I was turned down by Kingston and West Middlesex before I was accepted at Queen Charlotte. In the end I don't mind because QC is actually my first choise if I go could go anywhere in the whole country.

Another good site to check is Do you have any idea how you want to deliver? Natural? Caesarean? At home? In hospital? Delivery suite? Birth centre? Water? Pain medicine?

Sorry, that is SO much to ask someone who is just barely pregnant with her first. But all of these things will have a bearing on where you want to go.

Also, I find the people on this site offer a lot more information than any GP or midwife I've ever met. So, keep asking your questions here. You will get a world of advice.

LilJ Fri 01-Apr-05 14:42:54

Thanks for the advice! Dr Foster is v. helpful!

To be honest it's all been a bit of a surprise as we were trying for about 4 months beforehand and then decided to take a break (to avoid a Xmas baby) and of course it happens! I found out 4 days before I was going on a holiday to Japan - avoiding sushi for 10 days which is rather difficult! So it's been a bit overwhelming so far.

I'm thinking if all goes well I'd like a waterbirth and as natural as possible, but early days yet. Once the nausea and tiredness (which could be jetlag) subside a bit I'm sure I'll be able to think more clearly.

uwila Fri 01-Apr-05 15:52:53

Well, then I would suggest having a look at and checking stats for a birthcentre which is attached to a hospital. I think most places will advise against homebirth for your first (with good reason in my opinion). Also, becuase it's your first, if you go for a birth suite connected to a hopital delivery suite you can be easily transferred if you decide you want an epidural(and you might!).

I personally wouldn't go the natural route for a winning lottery ticket. But, hey, we are discussing your choices not mine. Good luck.

fionaplum Fri 01-Apr-05 17:53:33

Hi Lilj, I was in the same boat as you. I was sent to the Whittington by my GP and wondered whether I should find somewhere else, as I too had heard negative things about the hospital and have personally witnessed cockroaches running around a ward (shock horror) while visiting a sick relative, not the most encouraging sight to see. I decided to stay on with them, and now at 19 weeks am very happy with my treatment so far. The midwives have been really good, only today I spoke to one for 20 mins on the phone, while I was booking some early bird classes there. She was very warm and reassuring, and didn't need to spend that kind of time on the phone with me, seeing as I'm not her patient, but she was happy to chat with me nontheless. Good Luck with the choice, I hope everything works out for you.

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