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Hospital bags - Got the stuff, now what do I pack it in?

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KittyCatIsGettingFat Tue 13-Jan-09 12:24:05

So I've collected all the things to go in my hospital bag (although I'm aiming for a HWB but am keeping an open mind if we can't)- What do I put all the stuff in?? A holdall? A suitcase? Ten Tesco's packets??

I don't want to look like a bag lady if we have to go in, but I've also spent a teeny bit too much on cute baby clothes and Bamboozle nappies, so probably have a budget of £10 to spend... if that! Help please! wink

HensMum Tue 13-Jan-09 12:26:56

A wheelie suitcase might be best. I had far too much stuff (3 holdalls [blush}) and DP nearly broke his back lugging it from room to room (we got moved round a lot).

KittyCatIsGettingFat Tue 13-Jan-09 14:45:35

Bumping for more help!

littleboyblue Tue 13-Jan-09 14:50:46

Tbh, I agree with hensMum and would go for a wheelie suitcase as will be easier to get around.

Astarte Tue 13-Jan-09 15:08:36

A flight case, one only and absolute essentials only too.

Bearing in mind you'll likely be out within 24 hours and if not then have a back up bag at home with additionals in for Dh to bring in for you.

Pack maternity towels, pyjamas, washbag with goodies, hairbrush, toothbrush/paste, 2 outfits for baby, one for you.

Even though I use reusables I had to buy pampers to get my free changing bag at Boots so I would take the disposables in too with a pack of wipes.

chaya5738 Tue 13-Jan-09 15:53:23

Isn't this the sort of thing you could borrow? Surely you don't need to buy one?

ilovelovemydog Tue 13-Jan-09 15:57:31

Do you have a diaper bag? I quite like the Tesco Cath Kidson bags....

BabyBaby123 Tue 13-Jan-09 17:57:13

you really don't need anything more than one large bag. You will look a bit silly tbh with any more than that. And don't go out and buy a special bag, it's such a waste of money

LoveActually Tue 13-Jan-09 19:06:23

Borrow a bag!! I borrowed one I'd given my mum as a b/d present a few years back. It's a second hand massive fake fur creation and big enough for everything. My DP also has a small rucksack with his stuff in. x

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Jan-09 19:12:55

just use whatevr you have
i just had one holdall type bag.
unless you have complications you'll be out in a couple of days. and if you're kept in any longer than that you can get dp/dh to bring more stuff in for you.

you rteally only need a couple of days worth of stuff.

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Jan-09 19:14:07

oh and I would pack some disposables for the hospital anyway. what're you going to do with the dirty cloth nappies???
i am a BIG cloth fan btw, have used it with both of mine, but I did have disposables in hosp with ds1 because it was just easier to get rid of them than have them pile up and then take home to wash

Pinkbump3 Tue 13-Jan-09 19:15:31

Have you got a couple of small holdals even?

I have a lovely funky fusha pink check smile large (not huge) sort of overnight bag from primark cost £6 they do them lots of colours.

So i have 1 with all labour essentials and baby basics and another 1 with things for a day or two stay at hosp with my and baby things together.

Will leave second one in the car so dp can bring it up to ward after baby is born!! and take the other away.

As i have to agree with hensmum you do get moved from room to room when in labour and delivery. xx

TeaSleepFood Tue 13-Jan-09 19:18:04

FOr babies, don't forget little hats! The hospital were aghast at me for not having any. Babies need: nappies, vests, babygrows (or top and trousers if you're that way inclined), hats and a blanket to wrap them in.
If you're driving home, they won't let you leave without a car seat.
Good luck!

tinkisdueanyday Wed 14-Jan-09 08:09:51

we have put bits for baby into a medium sized rucksack and bits for me in a big sportsbag

mamadiva Wed 14-Jan-09 08:22:21

I had a changng bag for the essentials these came in with us, and I had a rucksack with stuff in it for a stay and any topups DP brought in for me. No point in lugging loads in with you it's a waste of time!

I just packed:

Camera, maternity towels, deoderant, toothbrush/toothpaste, 2 sets of clean clothing, slippers, dressing gown, wash bag full toiletries, flannel, 3 babygro's, 3 vests and a pack of disposable nappies.

hazeyjane Wed 14-Jan-09 08:22:37

I used a suitcase on wheels, with seperate bags inside (labour bag, overnight bag, dd's bag), also take some empty carrier bags for all the crap and dirty washing you accumulate (or was that just me).

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