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antenatal classes

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appletiser Sun 11-Jan-09 20:44:35

Hi - sorry for sounding realy naive but i dont really understand antenatal clasess... this is my first pregnancy and im just wondering what they involve and when exactly do u go go to these classes.. towards the end of pregnancy?? are they helpful?

babyOcho Sun 11-Jan-09 20:52:33

We went to NCT classes (you need to pay) and also the class run by the hospital. They were very different.

The hospital one was good as you got to see the ward and figure out the logistics like where your DP can go and get some food and how to get into the ward in the middle of the night. But the other stuff that they went through we thought was rubbish.

The NCT classes were costly but I think were really informative, giving us information to make our own choices on what might happen. All the mums get ok pretty well and we still meet up now (our classes were 12 months ago).

You would typically go towards the end of your pregnancy, the people booking/arranging sort out when you attend. If you opt for NCT classes you should try and book earlier rather than later as they tend to get really full.

elkiedee Sun 11-Jan-09 20:57:19

Antenatal classes normally include some things about what happens during labour, advice about going into hospital (or perhaps other options like birthing centres or home births - it depends on where they are, the organisation doing them and what those coming to the class want). They're offered as a way of helping women prepare for birth, and now they're often for couples not just for women.

If you're at work you're entitled to take paid time off for such classes.

An organisation called the NCT runs lots of such classes usually over a few weeks, can be evenings or daytimes but although you normally go near the end of pregnancy, they book up quite quickly, a lot of people seem to sign up for them about 12 weeks. The cost can vary a lot but it can be quite pricy. They are also popular in order to meet other women/couples having babies at about the same time, and often continue to meet after the course/birth. My class has had two meet ups, one when I was still working and one in the afternoon last week, and we've planned another one in a fortnight from then.

There are also other organisations which run similar classes.

Also, ask your midwife/hospital if they do any classes - often just one and not so good for the readymade coffee group, perhaps, but usually free and if you're going into hospital, a good way to get an idea about that hospital's usual procedures.

I would recommend some sort of antenatal class if you can get on one and afford it, I wish I'd been more prepared with first baby (I'm now expecting 2nd this month).

2manychips Sun 11-Jan-09 21:00:09

Our GP surgery organised 3 or 4 classes,weekly around lunch time,about 2 mths before the babies were due. I couldnt really afford the NCT ones. Were informed about labour, birth, and breastfeeding. Met some lovely friends at them, which for me was the most valuable part.

amazonianadventure Mon 12-Jan-09 21:38:20

you can get financial assistance from the nct if you cant afford them

appletiser Tue 13-Jan-09 20:51:39

kewl - thanks for all the advise.. will look into classes locally.... the midwife did mention some at the booking appt. but there was so much to take in then..

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