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Anybody just instinctively KNOW the sex?

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xxhunnyxx Sun 11-Jan-09 12:59:39

Hi ladies!

I'm now 15 weeks pg and I just have a 'feeling' that baby is a boy. I don't really have any real reason for thinking this, apart from the fact that I've felt it moving very early and it seems to be very active. (I know this doesn't = boy)

It may just be because I know DP is hoping for a boy and he's talked a lot about how he's going to train him to be a footballer (he's football obsessed) lol.

Or it may be because we've got our boy's name picked but haven't got so much as one name which we both like for a girl. A couple of people have also started to refer to baby as Charlie (our boy's name).

Also, a male friend of ours has just died so maybe it's me hoping for a boy to fill his shoes. Dunno.

The funny thing is that I would actually prefer a girl so I don't think this is just wishful thinking.

I've just got a 'feeling' so just wondered if anybody else has felt the same and turned out to be wrong or right?

MarlaSinger Sun 11-Jan-09 13:02:12

I thought I was having a girl - just a feeling - and all the old wives' tales about cravings, movement, bump 'shape' etc said girl.

I had a boy! But I wouldn't change for him anything, not one second of feeling sad or anything.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ForeverOptimistic Sun 11-Jan-09 13:03:01

Yes I just knew that ds was a boy as soon as I found I was pregnant. It wasn't wishful thinking on my part either as I had always imagined having a girl first. Everyone else was convinced he was a boy too even though it is mostly girls in the family.

electra Sun 11-Jan-09 13:03:32

No, I never ever know.

FruitynNutty Sun 11-Jan-09 13:04:31

Yes, I knew I was carrying a boy last time and this time round. In fact this time around I tried to convince myself I was carrying a girl - even bought a couple of little girly bits as I couldn't resist them hmm but sonographer confirmed it's another boy! He'll just be a very girly boy wink
We have a Charlie btw - fab name!

staryeyed Sun 11-Jan-09 13:05:59

I knew with Ds because I had always thought I was going to have a girl first but as soon as I was pregnant I couldn't shake the feeling it was a boy. This time though I have no idea.

claireybrations Sun 11-Jan-09 13:06:12

DD I knew, even before I was pregnant I knew my first would be a girl.

DS I thought boy at first but then didn't know and at the end I thought he'd be another girl

HensMum Sun 11-Jan-09 13:08:04

I was convinced I was having a boy and I was. I got more and more convinced as time when on. I knew my friend was having a girl too. However, I guessed wrong with another friend so I am clearly fallible and the other two were just good guesses! grin

waspriceyp Sun 11-Jan-09 13:11:28

I knew both times DS first time around and DD second time. I normally guess acurately for friends too. Nothing to do with old wives tales just instinct!

MrsTittleMouse Sun 11-Jan-09 13:14:54

I had the same feeling that it was a boy. I have two DDs. grin

xxhunnyxx Sun 11-Jan-09 13:15:17

fruity - Yeah I just love the name Charlie, I know it's getting very popular at the mo but I don't care smile
My ex bf's mum used to dress him up in dresses etc when he was a baby because she really wanted a girl ha ha ha

Yeah I always imagined having a girl, all the time whilst TTC I was hoping for a girl. When I first found out I was pregnant I even said to DP 'if it's a boy u can have it'. I was of course joking!!! I will love my little baby to bits regardless of the sex.

But I just think that if I have a boy I will always want a girl one day in the future, I can imagine I could end up being one of these women who have 6 boys in an attempt to get a girl! lol.

But no I just feel like I know it's a boy. My mum swears that she knew my brother was a boy, again, just a feeling that she had.

xxhunnyxx Sun 11-Jan-09 13:21:25

waspricey yeah I always know what my friends are having too, I don't think I've ever been wrong. I just get a feeling or a vision.
I didn't want to say that to begin with tho-thought i might sound like some new age hippy or something lol.

PinkTulips Sun 11-Jan-09 13:25:52

was absolutely cetain with dd and ds and even bought gender specific clothes for them. was right both times.

not as positive this time as this preg has been so weird and not like either of the others but i do seem to keep saying 'he' and have bought some boys babygros.... mostly on the grounds that they were on sale though!

lydiathetattooedlady Sun 11-Jan-09 13:25:54

im 14 weeks pregnant already have a dd, but totally convined this one is a girl! no idea why just 100% positive. not sure whetther to find out at 22 week scan whether im right or not yet!

mamadiva Sun 11-Jan-09 13:32:25

I 'knew' I was having a boy from about 6 weeks for some reason.

I was jt drawn to boys clothing and things when buying baby gear and then we picked out his name at around 8 weeks, never settled on a girls name. So I guess we kind of knew.

firstontheway Sun 11-Jan-09 13:34:27

I knew my baby was a boy. I even bought some cute boyish clothes, picked out names and convinced everyone he was a he.

'He' has been confirmed on 3 scans as being a 'she' now grin

cece Sun 11-Jan-09 13:35:47

I 'knew' my first was a boy. She looked lovely in her blue babygrows! Especially the one with cars on the front LOL!

lydiathetattooedlady Sun 11-Jan-09 13:36:31

ooh maybe i should find out the sex? im so convinced im about to start knitting pink cardis! may be a bit of a shock in 6 months if my baby girl has a willy!

backalleysally Sun 11-Jan-09 13:44:51

I knew my DS was a boy. We didnt ask the sex at the scan as DP didnt want to know and I already knew. When he was born it was like.." I know its a boy..Ive said so all along!"

With DD I thought I was having a girl as I carried totally differently to DS and put on loads of weight ( with DS I only put on a stone). When people asked me what I thought I was having I said I didnt know as I didnt want to jinx it....I was desperate for a girl.

uptomyeyes Sun 11-Jan-09 13:46:39

I got it wrong every time.

xxhunnyxx Sun 11-Jan-09 13:53:32

People even look at my scan pic and say 'oh yeah that's a boy, defo'. It's funny really because there's defo no genetalia on sight in the pic. But when I watched 'him' doing somersaults on the screen, just by the way he seemed to move so....ermmm....agressively, it did make me think it's a boy. Whatever the sex is it's definitely not a placid baby!
Isn't stange to think our babys can have their own little personalities at 12 weeks?

jadey24 Sun 11-Jan-09 13:59:41

I knew right from the start i was carrying a girl and did not pick any boys names but a girls name.
I was also drawn to the girls section in clothes shops.

A week before the sex scan i was that certain i wanted to by a dress for her just to prove a point as well but dh would not let me ( he was hoping for a boy then and wouldnt except it) anyway i was right she was a girl. 6 months old now.

waspriceyp Sun 11-Jan-09 14:17:31

xxhunnyxx I am a closet hippy, just don't like the clothes LOL! So are you going to find out the sex at the 20 week scan then?

Karamazov Sun 11-Jan-09 15:16:41

I knew DD1 was going to be a girl (but then I also wanted a girl, so maybe it was wishful thinking??) But I remember after giving birth to DD1, Hubby said to me "Its a girl" and I replied "Of course its a bloody girl, what did you expect?" (I was off my head with the gas and air blush) but I think that shows I was pretty convinced!

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