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how much weight will i gain over the next 8 weeks?

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mum2b09 Sat 10-Jan-09 16:33:00

id due on march 11th about 8 or 9 weeks from now and up to now i havent really put on any body weight just seemed 2 get a bump round the fromt will i blow up like a baloon in the last 8 weeks haha ?? xx

mum2b09 Sat 10-Jan-09 17:24:43


brettgirl2 Sat 10-Jan-09 17:41:29

Well I suppose it will depend on whether you are intending to eat your whole body weight in chocolate!

Everyone's different - I think if you were going to expand all over you would have by now.

mum2b09 Sat 10-Jan-09 17:43:56

thats the thing tho i have been eating quite alot! not rediiculous amounts bu its been chritmas and i just cant help myself but i havent seemed to be gaining any weight i started the pregnancy at 8 1/2 stone and im about 9 1/2 stone now so i have gained a stone but u cant c it xx

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