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Lyrebird Fri 09-Jan-09 22:39:10


I had my 12w scan, NT and bloods done today and while my adjusted risk for Down's etc is very good for my age, my PAPP-A levels were worrying low. Apparently, this can mean the placenta doesn't grow properly, which in turn affects foetal growth and could results in all sorts of unpleasant things. I'll be taking these results to my obstet next week but was wondering if anyone else had been in the same boat?

angel1976 Fri 09-Jan-09 22:50:13

Hi, I had elevated PAPP-A levels (this was found at the blood test they did before I had my CVS so they knew it wasn't due to a chromosonal defect in the baby as my CVS came back clear) and was referred to have a 28-week growth scan as apparently it can indicate growth problem in the foetus. My DS was born very healthy at 39 weeks weighing just under 7lbs. I don't know if that helps? hmm

everlong Fri 09-Jan-09 22:57:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lyrebird Fri 09-Jan-09 23:13:52

So low and high PAPP-A affect foetal growth? Aaargh, these screening results can drive you barmy. It is so great to hear that both your DS's were both healthy tho smile

My papp-a level is 0.2674, nt was 1.6mm at 12w 0d and my ds risk came out at 1:4635 which seems very good for my age of 37 (38 at EDD). My hCG was also lower at 0.7152.

I think that a low papp-a and hCG could mean you are at higher risk for Trisomy 13/18 but mine is 1:318 (which is better than my age risk of 1:247).

everlong Fri 09-Jan-09 23:22:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

martha7731 Sat 10-Jan-09 15:39:11

I posted about this same topic last week. I had papp-a of 0.299 at my 12 wk scan, and went on to have CVS which came back clear, so that was a relief.

I then saw my consultant about this yesterday, and asked about the low papp-a. Basically he said, as you know, it does slightly increase your risk of various complications (e.g. small/premature babies) but even with the increased risk, it's still a relatively low risk.

BabyBaby123 Sat 10-Jan-09 16:24:51

can i just ask, how did you get your results? is this on the NHS? All I've been given is an estimated risk but not a break down of my results - would be interested to see what mine were!

Lyrebird Sat 10-Jan-09 17:43:40

Thanks Martha7731, that's great to know. I'll try to find your thread.

BabyBaby - I had mine done at the FMC and they give you a useful breakdown of the results of all the ultrasound markers and biochem results.

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