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second baby

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MUSA Wed 30-Mar-05 16:42:22

Does anybody know why the second baby is born bigger, and i know it's not alway's the case.

Maddison Wed 30-Mar-05 19:58:11

Hi Musa, I'm due to have my second baby in 6 weeks and i'm hoping that this 2nd baby will be one of the exceptions to that rule!!

I have no idea why, but i'm sure more knowledgable mumsnetters will come along with an answer/theory for you

fuzzywuzzy Wed 30-Mar-05 20:05:52

My second baby was smaller she was also born slightly earlier...... Are you considering another after all???

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 20:06:37

My 2nd was smaller too

DS was 8lb, DD was 7lb 2

zubb Wed 30-Mar-05 20:09:31

mine was bigger but was 8 days late, whereas first was a few days early.
My M/w did say that bigger babies are easier to deliver, but I think that was after she estimated that ds2 would be mid 9lbs!!

PrettyCandles Wed 30-Mar-05 20:17:16

IIRC, it's something to do with your body having done it all before, ie had the practice and is now doing it even better. Also stretched more, sot here is more space for the baby. These are also the reasons 2nd labours are usually easier and faster.

biglips Wed 30-Mar-05 20:35:10

i hope my 2nd baby is not gonna be bigger than the first one as the first one was 9lb 1oz.

KathH Wed 30-Mar-05 20:55:39

Trust me - i got it completely wrong

dd1 - 7lb6oz (32hr labour)
dd2 - 7lb 2oz (8 hrs)
ds1 - 9lb 2 1/2 oz (3 1/2hrs)
ds 2 - 6lb 7 oz - mind you he was 3 wks early but after his huge big brother he was like a tiny baked bean! And labour was much quicker about an hr - didnt make it to the hospital!

larlylou Wed 30-Mar-05 21:05:40

I hope to goodness my second baby (due July) isn't as big as my 1st ds - he was 10lb 9oz!!! (did end up coming out of the sunroof so am keeping my options open this time around just in case!).

MUSA Wed 30-Mar-05 21:15:35

Fuzzywuzzy, can't believe some of the size babie's out there, my first was 7lb 12oz i just about pushed him out, bearing in mind im only 5ft 2ins and i was tiny when i fell pregnant. I was 7 stones when i fell pregnant and went up to 11 stones.

No way i would ever go through that again, might have to get it whipped out second time round.

hollybelle Thu 31-Mar-05 09:16:22

my second birth was alot easier than the first,managed to push my dd out in 6 mins and she weighed 9lb 15oz. My 1st ds was 9lb 9oz but lay back to back so I had to have a ventouse delivery with him!!! Now pregnant with 3rd,not planning to go overdue and then be induced think I will have to do some creeping to my consultant!!!

hayleylou Thu 31-Mar-05 09:21:18

second was smaller ds 8lb 7oz and dd 7lb 13oz

eidsvold Thu 31-Mar-05 13:08:05

no1 was just 6lb 1/2 oz and 10 days early. No2 was born 11 days late and weighed 9lb 7oz. SIL had two babes - in her case the second one was bigger but not by much.

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