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will i get a second set of stretchmarks???

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stuffedfullofturkey Wed 07-Jan-09 17:06:36

hi just wondering as i am almost 10 weeks pregnant with my second dc. I got quite large stretchmarks with ds which are obviosly still there just silvery, but will i get a completely new set this time round or will my existing marks just 'restretch'? i have no idea???? just wondering

Wheelybug Wed 07-Jan-09 17:15:18

I am almost 31 weeks with my second and had largish stretchmarks first time round. This time, despite being a bigger bump and more straight out in front and being smaller when I started this time, it just appears to be the same stretch marks restretching - or else, I am getting more in exactly the same place which isn't the end of the world given it was pretty messed up first time round !

stuffedfullofturkey Wed 07-Jan-09 18:47:13

i am hoping that will happen with me too, im pretty certain im going to get stretchmarks this time too as i have allways got stretchmarks when growing (especially around my boobs!) id just much rather get them on the same place as the ones i have from before because otherwise i will actually end up looking like a human road map hmm

DisasterArea Wed 07-Jan-09 18:48:37

existing ones restretched at either end, making them even longer than before.

idobelieveinfairies Wed 07-Jan-09 18:48:50

I got new ones with 2nd pregnancy...and then another lot with my had original stretch marks growing....

wasn't nice.....

Olihan Wed 07-Jan-09 18:49:20

Mine just got longer with each pg. Ds2 (my 3rd) was 10lbs 2oz so they were up past my tummy button by the time I had him shock.

stuffedfullofturkey Wed 07-Jan-09 19:05:22

can my stretch marks get any longer??!! ds was 9lb 10oz and mine allready go up past my belly button!! also is it true that your first is your smallest or has anyone had exceptions?

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