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samshepp Wed 07-Jan-09 11:52:15

Hi everyone...hope you don't mind but i'm going to add this thread to explain a little about doulas!!
For those of you who don't know a doula is some one who provided support for a mother primarily and her family.
A Birth Doula will provide 2 antenatal one 2 one visits/meetings, be on call 2 weeks before and after due date, attend the birth and follow up with a postnatal visit.
A Postnatal doula will go into your home however many hours/days a week required. She will help mother adapt to life with a new baby, offer support and encouragement and let mother get the rest she needs.

I am a new doula and only trained in Oct 08 but the training truley changed my whole perception about birth, how women feel and how empowered women shoud feel!!

If anyone wants to know anymore, require a doula or just wanta chat about something i may be able to offer some opinons then please feel free to get in touch with me.
Sam xx

hertsnessex Wed 07-Jan-09 17:15:03

Hi Sam,

Think most ppl on here know about doulas, but good explanation of them.

Hope you are well


Nekabu Wed 07-Jan-09 21:35:45

I'd never heard of them ... blush I'm going to find out more about them and see if there are any near me as it sounds a very good idea!

hertsnessex Fri 09-Jan-09 10:28:47

wow! thought everyone on here had heard of them! take a look at


Nekabu Fri 09-Jan-09 11:09:21


Thanks for the link!

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