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Low levels of amniotic fluid

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Sallie Tue 29-Mar-05 10:43:19

Has anyone been diagnosed with this? If so, what were the symptoms and how did you cope with it?

Lua Tue 29-Mar-05 10:49:12

Hi Sallie,
I had the opposite problem, but from reading a lot in the interenet I get the impression that low fluid levels can be treated by increasing fluid intake and bath imeersions. Also, how far along are you and low is it? Fluid levels do tend to change a lot throughout pregnancy and depending on circunstances... Someone in the June board was diagnose with low fluids at 26 or 20 weeks and went back two weeks later and all was all right.
The same happen with me. Diagnosed with off the charts too much one day, and totally normal two weeks later!

Sallie Tue 29-Mar-05 10:52:07

I am 16 weeks - had a cheeky scan yesterday (dh is a radiologist but doesn't specialise in obstetrics). It looked a little cramped in there but apparently baby was measuring at dates so no growth problems. My 20 week scan is at the end of April so I guess we will find out more then, if it is a problem.
Thanks for your response - very reassuring.

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