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TTC grads - the one where the old temp buddies come home to roost!!!!

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rainbowdays Sat 03-Jan-09 09:31:55

The old thread was getting impossibly slow on my computer, so decided that it was time to create a new one with hopefully Rah and Ready joining us, and with a whole new due date list.....

so MrsM, Momwi - come and start the list and hopefully Rah and Ready will come here now too!!!!!

I am so excited that the temp buddies are back together again, can you tell?!?!?!? grin

minxi Sat 03-Jan-09 10:49:36

Happy new Year to all - lovely new thread Rainbow...
Hope everyone well - I have 8.5 weeks left am booked in for c-sec on 4th March...shock

Feeling fab apart from having had this cough throat thing last two weeks and can't get rid of it....only gained 8 pounds in weight so far (still a few weeks to go yet though so wont hold breath!) not being smug about that - with ds1 put 5 stone on - ds2 put 3 stone on so this one have no idea what is going on and can still wear normal clothes!! bizarre.. so feel I am allowed to smile about weight gain considering what I went through with first two - but that was 5 years ago now am alot fitter and healhier this time round though - well taking out last 2 weeks...
anyway will catch up to all next week when have more time with ds's back at school...
love to all - Ready and Rah Congratulations too (again) smile

greedygreedyguzzler Sat 03-Jan-09 12:40:03

ok seaside..................i have read the news! cant believe she is pg, its amazing! but what is more amazing is that she kept it quiet for SO LONG!!!! how could she not tell everyone? ready, you have got some serious explaining to do!!!

greedygreedyguzzler Sat 03-Jan-09 12:44:37

i want to know EVERYTHING!!! i want to know if she followed the advice of the clearblue fairy and didnt test until 16dpo, or if she caved in and tested at 11dpo!.............i want to know everything!!!

Ready Sat 03-Jan-09 13:04:44

<sneaks in> Is there room for a little 'un?
I have to say I am overwhelmed by the reaction blush - but I guess it has been a LONG time coming.
The reason I kept it quiet for so long was because I didn't want to jinx it. It was lovely to have a secret too grin - also, until I saw the baby, I don't think I really believed I was pregnant. I kept wondering if it was a mistake.
I waited until I was a week late to test, and would have waited until the saturday but dh kept on grin - have no idea how many dpo I was because I had completely stopped temping/checking/thinking about ttc.
I feel very me,me,me, so I am going to stop waffling now.

lastboxoftampons Sat 03-Jan-09 13:31:29

Hello all:

There are some familiar faces on here, mind if I join? smile I was on the most recent tempers thread. I'm 11+1, due end of July. Have our 12 week scan on Friday and very very nervous as I had a mmc in March. Saw the little bean at 8+4 though with a good heartbeat, so fingers crossed all is okay this time around.

Congratulations Ready!!!! grin Wonderful news!

Hi minxy and rainbowdays smile

rainbowdays Sat 03-Jan-09 17:11:47

oh this is great,I love having so many "old" faces back here.

I will start the pg list:
Minxi - due 4th March (c/s)

Please Ready (and all the other pregnant ex-temp bud lurkers out there) please let us know your due dates. I am too thick to try and work it out. I am so pleased for you all.

Ready - not me me me at all, please tell us more.... we want all the details. how are you feeling?. So please for you.

Lastbox - 11 weeks already, time flies past so quickly, how are you feeling

MrsMC - where are you, how are you doing?

Minxi - you can't possibly be so far along, it only feels like a couple of weeks ago that you came to announce your good news.

Rah - time to stop hiding and come and join us.... where are you?

honeyapple Sat 03-Jan-09 18:30:29

Ready- HURRAH!!!!! So so happy for you-

just thought I hadnt been on the thread for a while- and now there is some fab and brilliant news to get excited about grin

Minxi- good luck with the C-section (have you had previous c sections?) and well done on the little weight gain. I think I also put on less with my third PG. I think with number one you kind of go on a blow out and think pass me the family size dairy milk... (well I did anyway!)

congats to the other temp buddy grads- and here's to all the 2009 babies!

greedy- how is your sis?

Ready Sun 04-Jan-09 11:41:59

Cor blimey… lots of summer babies grin
I am due (according to the ultrasound) on the 9th July – my period dates suggest the 15th July – so I am keeping that date in mind, so that I don’t get annoyed if the 9th arrives and the baby doesn’t. Can the date change again at the 20 wk scan? blush I am showing that I am a total novice aren’t I?

I have felt nauseous – but really only when I get hungry. I haven’t actually been sick. Phew. And I am starting (touch wood) to feel better. I have been really really really tired – like nothing I can even begin to explain. It’s like chronic fatigue. Not that I am complaining. Definitely not. I have slept lots.

Lastbox, fingers crossed for Friday. How do you feel?

It still feels really weird to actually be here on this thread, talking about myself. Someone pinch me, make sure I am not dreaming grin

seaside72 Sun 04-Jan-09 20:11:03

Ready - pinch pinch pinch grin
I so remember feeling exactly the same when I fist posted on the grads thread - sort of out of body/parallel universe experience!

minxi - OMG - only 8 weeks left! I cannot believe it seems like just yesterday you posted your BFP!

Lbot- so happy for you - fingers crossed for your scan.

OK I am getting a bit broody now shock

rainbow - how is Jak's eating now - Cassius is being very random!! I feel a bit stuck in a funny phase now - in between baby food and "proper" food - more confusion for a first timer!!
So more grads advice needed - what was everyone feeding their babies at 1 year (shock Cassius is 1 in three weeks!!!)

Waves to everyone xxx

fettle Sun 04-Jan-09 20:36:42

As the original Temping buddies graduate - can I join?!

Ready gringringrin - just when i'd decided to stop coming over here so often!!! So pleased for you!grin

Can't believe the Cassius is nearly 1, Seaside! Where is the time going? But then Toby is 15 months now! Can't remember exactly, but I think that he was eating most things by 1 - certainly a lot more "naughty" foods than DD was ever allowed until well past one, such as chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc! But he also loves fruit and yoghurts - just back from 10 days with my parents, who have a fridge in Toby's reach, so he spent his time helping himself to yoghurts from the fridge (and beers I may add, which I promptly put back!!!grin), as well as bananas from the very low fruit bowl!!!grin (Quality Streets, which he kindly also fed to us!)
Anyway - back to the point - as I said he was probably eating most things, just well chopped up. He's only really started feeding himself in the past month - much later than DD!

Minxi - glad to hear all is well with you too.

Just need Lottie to get some much needed good news now!

Greeds - how is your sister??

Right - must finish unpacking!

Happy New Year All!
xxx smile

Chooster Sun 04-Jan-09 21:11:12

Blimey - a new thread, new faces and lots more bumps!! grin grin.

Huge congratulations to ready and lastbox grin. Great to have some new blood on here smile. Ready, you did an amazing job of keeping your BFP to yourself for so long smile. Brilliant brilliant news though. More July babies too! There were 3 of us in July in 07 - God that seems ages away now shock. Theo is still my wee baby even though he's coming up to 18 months. Yup they can change your EDD at the 20 week scan.

Good luck for Friday as Lastbox - not too long to wait now. As you say at least you've seen the heart beating away, although I can understand that it doesn't take your anxiety away.

Wow, minxi, not long now! Eeeek! 8 weeks. I forgetm do you know what you are having?

You are so right, all this talk of babies is making me pretty broody as well. In RL I've got friends / family having babies every month between Feb and July so its going to be a bumper baby year smile.

Seaside, at around a year theo was having a lot of finger food as well as the more mushy stuff. So sausages, fish fingers, pitta bread, sandwiches, omlette, fruit and veg etc. He wasn't really into pasta / rice or anything like that. In fact he's only just started to like pasta recently. Now he feeds himself though he'll give most things a try. The one thing I'm slowly learning after years of battling with a fussy 4 yr old is that it usually works out provided you keep offering new things every so often.

Hi to everyone else - Hope your sickness is going MrsMc and that your getting ready for Xaviers birthday too smile. When is your sisters EDD greedy?

seaside72 Sun 04-Jan-09 21:42:05

Aww - you are all so great - whenever I have a worry or question I get such brilliant speedy responses!

Chooster and Foundingmemberfettle grin thankyou for your posts. We just never seem to have gotten properly back on track with food since Cassius was poorly in November. he had two weeks of eating everything and then another cold and he became fussy again - mostly just refusing everything I am cooking for him and only eating stage one jars etc. I also think I am worrying about it more as my friend has just been staying with her DD who is three months older than Cassius and she is eating sooooo well - feeding herself with a fork and spoon. loads of finger food, pasta etc etc and there was Cassius spitting out his baby food and throwing his finger food on the floor!!! (However has to be said he is MUCH better sleeper so I guess there are always pros and cons!)
Anyway I have just cut out his afternoon bottle this weekend to see if that helps his supper appetite - instead I have been giving him a sippy cup of full fat milk which he loves and am trying some snacks - grapes, rusk, babybel cheese etc.
I think the advice about trying new things is great as I am sure he does get bored. We tried kiwi fruit today which went down well after initial eye-popping face!!

Sorry - such a me me me post!

lastboxoftampons Mon 05-Jan-09 11:28:17

Aw, thanks for the warm welcome!
Hello seaside! smile Wow, your LO is a year old already! grin

And fettle You're so right about Lottie! Sending her all sorts of BFP vibes {{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}!

I'm feeling well for those who asked. I've had a bit of queasiness, which has resulted in lots of wretching and one episode of sickness. It's not constant, but seems to come and go depending on how hungry I am, where I am, what I'm doing, etc. My boobs are super sore - they seem to swell out of my bra around 9pm each night! blush

Ready here's to July babies! grin

honeyapple Mon 05-Jan-09 12:25:34


seaside- wow indeed at cassius nearly one- are you having a party?? Lots of good advice about food- Dex eats whatever I am cooking the family (just chopped up). I stopped 'baby food' pretty early cos he wasnt interested and has always liked to feed himself- very messy- but there you go. I think babies often like to be in control so perhaps you could give him a spoon as well as having one yourself to feed him with. Last night we all had spaghetti and meatballs. I think it helps having older kids cos he just wants what they are having (including biscuits and icecream). If he looks unkeen then I smile a lot say 'yummy' a lot and eventually he gives the new thing a go.

Ready- glad you are feeling ok- the tiredness in the first trimester can be horrendous- as for changing dates- unlikely unless baby looks more than a week out. Good idea about having the later date in your mind though- cos those last weeks can really drag!

lots of love to everyone


honeyapple Mon 05-Jan-09 12:27:23

by the way- VERY jealous of your summer babies! All mine are winter- grrr- DS1 is 10 on sunday- yikes...

lastbox- DP bought me one of those squidgy neck pillow things to put around my boobs cos they got so sore...

Chooster Mon 05-Jan-09 13:29:43

Hi all...

Seaside, the way you describe Cassius is exactly how Max was at that age. He would still only eat jars and just spat out what I made him. To be honest I think I let it go on too long really and I didn't try to push him along by refusing to give him the jars. However, even so he now has a decent diet even though he is still fussy. As an example, he'll have veg soup although wont let a vegetable past his lips if it looks like a vegetable. It may be that Cassius is slightly fussier than other kids and if thats the case then really dont worry. He will end up getting his nutrients and calories. Hopefully its just a spell, but if it goes on longer then please dont despair!!

babylove123 Mon 05-Jan-09 17:35:51

Hi Everyone,

A nice new thread however i feel a bit of an outsider as i wasnt in the temping threads before!!!! Oh well!

How is everyone?

DD is doing well, im still poorly but glad she is ok. Shes 5 weeks now - where does time go?! We've been having problems with feeding so now she is being bottlefed as the norm but im toping her up during the day a few times with the milk that i am producing (i seem to have a low supply that wont go up so this is the only way to keep her happy). Not what i intended! However i am actually finding the bottle feeding easier and she still is getting a good dose of breastmilk during the day and night so i suppose it is the best of both worlds!

Minxi - good luck for your c-section!

CONGRATS READY! Not sure if you'll remember was a while ago but i was on the TTC threads with you too! Great news! I wish you all the best!

Lastbox - great name! Congrats to you too! I hope it all goes well for you!

Hi to everyone else

greedygreedyguzzler Mon 05-Jan-09 21:07:45

dont feel left out babylove. i think we were all on the temping thread at different times, so there is a lot of overlap..................and i only feel like i 'know' everyone cos i am a bit of a stalker!!! see, in my head i 'know' lastbox.............but i know that she doesnt have a clue who i am and i only 'know' her from stalking londonlottie!! anyway...............dont feel left out is what im trying to say!

bodders if you are lurking........give us a wave!!

my first was a july babe too................fab month to be born. actually its dd1's bday today (and bodders dd1 too isnt it?!!) and luckily it snowed here, so she got to build a snowman and play in the snow and then we went to see madagascar 2 which she LOVED!

marcy has finally started walking properly!! seems like she has been doing it half heartedly for ages and now she can finally be arsed to do it properly!!

my sis is fine thanks to those who asked. she hasnt got any symptoms yet which is worrying her a bit cos she feels exactly the same as last time ie. not pg. but she is only 6+2 so hopefully its just early days. i was actually searching on here last night at my old messages when i frist got my bfp to see when my symptoms started and...............OMG............. its so spooky and emotional to read back old stuff!!!

anyway................better and chips awaites!!!!! starting my diet tomorrow!!!!.........................again!!

babylove123 Mon 05-Jan-09 22:10:27

Hi Greedy - lol i "know" londonlottie too - she was around back in my day! Hehe ok, i wont feel left out then!

I have to admit that it might not be THAT long till im in the TTC threads us stupid but DP and i are thinking about number 2. Not till prob the end of the year to start TTC but still, im sure if people knew they'd think we were mad! I said to him today "i think i might be ovulating...." because i have my ususal symptoms and we looked at each other and said " we...?" Then we laughed as DD started to scream! That was a NO then!

Well done Marcy! Great news! Another one to keep your eye on.... wink

Glad to hear your sis is ok, it is indeed early days and hey - she may be one of the lucky ones who doesnt get all of the nausea and manky stuff that goes with it! Sending her positive thoughts

MrsMcClaus Mon 05-Jan-09 22:34:53

Ladies smile Happy New Year! grin I lost the internet for 10 days and am so far behind sad I have spotted that Ready and LastBox are here though - yipee!!!! congrats girls!!! grin more from me very soon I promise! Xavier is 1 on 24/1 and I am 19 weeks with B2, how time flies!!

seaside72 Mon 05-Jan-09 22:35:25

happy birthday Kiki grin
glad it is so far so good with your sis greedy - fingers crossed - I had no real symptoms until 10weeks when I had bad hip/lower back pain but had no sickness - just lost my appetite a bit weeks 8-10.

babylove - can't believe DD is 5 weeks shock! Don't stress about the feeding - you are doing your best and that is what matters. I only managed expressing for 7.5 weeks and had to supplement with formula. There are some brilliant BFer's on this thread who will have good advice I am sure. I know there is an over the counter medicine you can get which has a side effect of increased milk supply. Maybe honey knows more?

Isn't it funny that as all our LO's get older the gaps in age seem so much smaller. Marcy, Theo, Isla, Dex,Toby al seemed so much older and bigger but now in 2 weeks Cassius will be 1 and they will all be one year olds iykwim?? OK rambling now!!!!!!

honeyapple Tue 06-Jan-09 13:33:59


seaside- have to agree- once babes are one year old- they sem to be similar age to other one year olds... Dex is 14mths- walking like a trooper for about a month now-
mind you he still has quite a baby face which i like (doesnt look too old yet!).

babylove- you can get some herbal rememdies to boost milk supply. Google 'galactagogues' and you should find some info. Milk thistle is one... fenugreek is another one- but it makes you smell like curry grin... Also make sure that you are drinking enough liquid yourself.


babylove123 Tue 06-Jan-09 17:30:54


Thanks for the ideas on boosting my milk supply, we have a local herbalist so maybe i should have a word with her and see if she comes up with anything....

DP wouldnt believe me that i cant express much so to prove him wrong i sat in front of the tele this afternoon (7 hours after DD had last used me) and expressed for 30 mins....i got 30ml. shock crap isnt it?! That was from both boobs too! Im useless at this angry

I fooled myself by thinking that breastfeeding is so easy and that of course i could do it so now that i cant very well, i feel like such a failure. I was so embaressed handing that measly amount to DP in a bottle to feed her, was like a joke.

Anyway, im waffling now! DD is being a grizzly madam 2day and i think that combined with tiredness, a chest infection and a bark worse than a dog is getting me down!!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 06-Jan-09 20:13:54

ok, so it looks like i spoke too soon about my sis. she rang me today in floods of tears cos she has started bleeding and having cramps. i know it can mean nothing, but i just have a really bad feeling. she truly is the unluckiest person ever. she is having a scan tomorrow. feel like i have jinxed her by coming on here and saying all was fine, i know that sounds daft too, but cant help the way i feel.

mrs - cant believe you are almost halfway through by the way!

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