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When to start shopping for the baby

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appletiser Sat 03-Jan-09 06:53:20

sorry if this has been listed before but i couldnt find the thread if it has..
As everyone knows the sales are on and there is plenty of baby stuff on offer.. i am only 15wks.. is it too early to start shopping for the baby? husband says to wait till 20wk scan - also when did u start buying maternity bras

mummyme2 Sat 03-Jan-09 07:29:03

i wouls start buying most people i no waited till after there first scan think this is cus the risk of miscarraige drops buy this point. i started buying maternity bras about 10 weeks

Fillyjonk Sat 03-Jan-09 08:03:27

I always say wait as long as possible. Buy a few essentials before the birth but utterly as little as possible-that way you will know what you need. Maybe work out what you want and then you can, if need be, send someone else to get it.

This way you WILL spend less, honestly, because you will only buy what you need.

Have never bought bloody maternity bras, they work for some women I expect but not for me-just buy bigger ones!

choosyfloosy Sat 03-Jan-09 08:23:29

i believed all the stuff about not wearing underwired bras so bought some soft ones about 20 weeks i think. since i actually dropped a cup size in pregnancy i needn't really have bothered, but hey it was nice to buy something!

there is so so so so much almost new baby stuff available second-hand - would this interest you at all? it makes me feel a bit sick to think of the £400 of stuff I bought for my ds, all of which was out of use within 18 months (3 months for the travel system!)

Congratulations by the way smile

firstontheway Sat 03-Jan-09 08:26:11

I'm 29 weeks and have just started buying all my stuff, apart from a few odd bits, eg a cuddly toy, cute babygro etc that we got after 12 wk scan. Having said that I'm finding shopping more exhausting now and not as enjoyable as I would have done before!

If you see any bargains in the sales I'd suggest you snap them up, otherwise wait till 21 weeks, but make a list beforehand and research prices and best places to shop etc on internet.

I was in maternity bras from about 8-9 weeks though blush although boobs stopped growing about 20 weeks

LoveActually Sat 03-Jan-09 10:14:54

Am 39 weeks and was given loads of clothes after 20 week scan. But didn't really get everything (pram/cot etc) until just before Christmas. I put up a similar post at 36/37 weeks saying I was worried I was unprepared. As it turns out I'm now sitting here twiddling my thumbs! So don't worry. xx

wellbalanced Sat 03-Jan-09 14:23:53

Well im the opposite to most then!!! When found out was pregnant couldn't resist a little sleepsuit so bought it! Im now 25+4 and have most of the essentials and afew luxuries!! That said there is nothing i need-i dont think!! I ordered my pram at 18wk as was in sale, and have not stopped buying bits since.. Doesnt feel like spent loads as an item a week hasn't affected us. We don't know what sex is so have bought afew bits in sale but not gone mad!
I was in maternity bra's at 8wk ish!!!

mrsgboRingOutTheOld Sat 03-Jan-09 14:33:46

I wish I'd never bothered with maternity bras. Bravado nursing bras are fab and suitable for pregnancy too. Of course your size may change post pg for nursing (though bravado are more flexible than most) but you've lost nothing in comparison with buying maternity bras anyway, so that would be my top tip grin

Agree with those who've said don't buy too much. A baby needs very little. You can go shopping after s/he is born too and you'll have a better idea then of what you really need.

xxhunnyxx Sat 03-Jan-09 22:00:02

I'm nearly 14 weeks and I've started buying little bits and bobs, no major purchases yet tho. I waited until after 12 week scan. I've just found that now that I've got a few little things it feels more real.
They recommend that you get fitted for new bras quite early on, you're best to start with just non-wired bras first and then get fitted for maternity bras a couple of weeks before u give birth.

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