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What are the chances of having another BREECH baby??

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LMFJ Fri 02-Jan-09 11:02:19

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I wondered if anyone could help. My son Sam was born at 36 weeks. My waters went unexpectedly and he was breech so I had to have a c-section.

We are now thinking about ttc no. 2. Just wondered if anyone out there has had more than one breech baby? I've read there is an increased chance if you have had a breech baby before?

Thanks all!

Lisa xx

scully Fri 02-Jan-09 11:37:36

My dd1 was breech, I only found out at 37wks, they tried turning her but she wasn't having it so I had a c/s. I tried hard to make sure dd2 wasn't breech, did what I could to have her in the right position and she was and I had the vbac birth I wanted. I hadn't heard that I had an increased chance 2nd time around, I just put it down to the fact I had no idea about optimal fetal positioning with dd1, and what I could do to help the baby position itself correctly.
Good luck

Tangle Fri 02-Jan-09 12:42:20

DD was breech. She was born as a breech baby at home with IMs.

How likely you are to have a 2nd breech baby is very dependent on why your DS was breech - there are lots of reasons that wouldn't be likely to recur (he might just have not turned yet, location of placenta, length of cord or being wrapped in cord) and some reasons that would make it more likely (if you have a cornate / bicornate uterus or if you or your DH were breech).

I've still just the one but do have a friend who's 1st DS was breech, but then had 3 cephalic VBACs.

My gut feel is that unless there's a strong reason the "increased" chance is statistically correct but pretty meaningless in real life - so a 5% chance of first breech and maybe a 5.5% chance of another... Nothing to back it up, though.

Good luck

pecanpie Fri 02-Jan-09 12:44:29

I was a breach baby and my mum had to have a cs (scheduled, but then she went into labour early, so sounds similar to you..). My sister and brother were not breach - 2 perfectly regular labours/births.

hedgepig Fri 02-Jan-09 14:43:21

LMFJ my 1st DS was breech. This was not picked up by mw until at 40 weeks I went in for a check because of reduced movements and found there was no fluid so I had a emcs that evening.

This time round baby was head down no problems. His movements were so different to his brothers it was obvious he was head down, my mw this time was very aware of my paranoia of which position he was in and sent me for a late scan for my reassurance more than anything else.

As tangle says the likely hood of a second breech really depends on why the 1st one was breech (and you probably don't know this anyway), My experience this time was that particularly since I was going for a VBAC I had a bit more care 2nd time around and I was a lot more aware of where the baby was. good luck

Cosmogirl Fri 02-Jan-09 15:01:38

Don't know if this helps any but I was a breech baby, then my brother born 5 years later was also breech. Both bum first vaginal deliveries with forceps, but this was 21 and 26 years ago when midwives were well-trained at natural breech births. My elder sister wasn't breech but was at a bit of a funny angle also. Not sure if it could be something to do with the shape of my mum's pelvis?? Who knows...I am expecting my first in March and baby is breech atm but hoping she will turn in time.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 02-Jan-09 15:09:47

I guess it depends why your baby was breech. Some babies don't turn because they have very short cords. Some babies are breech because of the shape of their mum's uterus.

I've known friends who have had 2 pregnancies and both were breech (vag deliv's), and another lady whose first baby was breech and her second wasn't.

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