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joining a miscarriage research

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nellylinky Thu 01-Jan-09 10:19:40

hi guys,
i have had two miscarriages within the last year, i know this is not classified as recurrent miscarrier.

but the first time we got pregnant it took us two years with the help of clomid, and the second time i was really hopefull because i had got my natural period back which i had before the 3 years of messed up periods caused by the contraceptive injection whihc i took only once.

anyway sorry for rambling, the thing is i'm 22, and becuase of this doctos and maybe some of you will think i have nothing to worry about, but i feel like everyone's just telling me just try for another 20 years and then we'll look into you.

because i am young i think that something must seriously be wrong and my husband is 10 years older than me and we really want kids.

anyway i've been doing a lot of reading and i really want to join a miscarriage research program, i know of foresight, but i want to know how to do i get involved and become a part of a medical research, as i don't want another wasted pregnancy, at least if i jion a research program, i'll have more insight to whats happening in me maybe, but at least it may help to give someone else a baby to take home.

snoopdog Thu 01-Jan-09 12:49:52

hello there,

sorry about your miscarriages,

i felt exactly the same and did lots of reading after my 2nd m/c

you will find that until you suffer 3 on the run they will not accept you on to trials,

it is heart breaking i know,

liverpool women hospital do trials and have a very good r/c m/c clinic

i am not sure about foresit myself, up to you, i understand the need to try anything,

can you find a gp who is forward thinking,

i changed mine after my 2nd m/c to one in our practice who was 'better' at conception related issues,

she sent me for the basic blood screening tests for clotting etc,

i took asprin for my 3rd pregnancy and got further, sadly it ended up going wrong even after we seen a heatbeat and movement,

(i had injections and asprin for my 4th pg and it worked)

you can ask your doc to reccomend low dose asprin, see what they say,

good luck x

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