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Health in Pregnancy Grant

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newmumtobe84 Wed 31-Dec-08 13:15:29


Just been to the midwife, who mentioned the Health in Pregnancy Grant, but didn't really have many details. Its for anyone with a baby born from April 09 (im due on 1st!) and is for £190, but thats all she knew.

Does anyone out there know any further details (like how to claim?!)


Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 31-Dec-08 13:18:57

I dont think it comes in to play until april 09 but it is the mw/hv who should have all the details

brettgirl2 Wed 31-Dec-08 13:42:22

Your due date has to be next financial year (6th April or later).

The article I wrote said that from Jan midwives will have the forms to claim.

brettgirl2 Wed 31-Dec-08 13:46:25

lou031205 Wed 31-Dec-08 14:12:38

Unfortunately, I think you will just lose out because your EDD has to be on or after 06/04/08.

newmumtobe84 Wed 31-Dec-08 22:59:49

Oh boo hiss, although dates keep changing from 1st - 5th depending on who I see, my MATB1 says 3rd! Perhaps I'll aim for the 6th and hope!! wink

lou031205 Thu 01-Jan-09 09:55:17

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter when you have the baby - it's the EDD that counts.

wellbalanced Fri 02-Jan-09 09:58:43

As Lou says it goes off your EDD not actual date-sorry...
I asked 3 midwifes for my form but none knew anything! So im waiting for my 28wk check in couple of week see if do better then!!!

Carrie06 Fri 02-Jan-09 19:18:07

Unfortunately I am due 30/3 so not eligibile but I picked up the leaflet at the hospital today anway. It wasn't very helpful as it didn't say that you had to be due on/after 6/4 but it did say for those who claim between Jan and March 09 that the money won't come through until end April 09. Also, once your midwife signs the form, you only have 31 days to claim. Happy spending! Cx

BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 19:35:29

My EDD mysteriously changed to 7 April this week so I could claim this. Very obliging mw.

mogwai Fri 02-Jan-09 19:36:45

what a bloody ridiculous idea! Another crazy labour plan!

Hands up who's going to spend it on fruit and veg?

BoffinMum Fri 02-Jan-09 19:39:45

I am putting it towards a mw because the NHS midwifery service is in meltdown around here.

aidansyummymummy Fri 02-Jan-09 19:52:08

actually I think its a good idea....not enough people get help.

The same group of people are excluded time and time again from assistance from the government and dont get help wth sure start maternity grant. milk tokens etc.

About time this was brought in. Will be passing it onto all my pregnant friends.

mogwai Fri 02-Jan-09 20:00:15

I personally will be recouping the cost of a tens machine, maternity pillow and SPD support belt.

I can't honestly see anyone siphoning off a bit every week for fruit and veg, which is the government's plan.

I agree that too many people don't get any help. Pregnancy incurs expense left right and centre (though admittedly I save money on vodka wink)

However, I work for SureStart and I regularly see mothers boasting about spending their £500 maternity grant on a new "big telly". Just think what they can do with another £190! How much is a Wii??

Perhaps I wouldn't feel so annoyed if everyone got a £500 grant in the first place

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 20:13:39

whilst I will appreciate my £190 I do agree totally with mogwai.
will mine be used on fruit and veg? well I suppose in some way it will. it'll go into our joint account and be eaten up by bills, one of which is food lol.

i doubt the people who "need" it the most are actually using it for what it is intended though.

festivedollyx Fri 02-Jan-09 20:13:50

i agree that everyone should get the grant pregnancy is a very expensive time. My sis who lives in Norway got a huge maternity grant that all people there are entitled to.

Its not helpful that there is stigma attached to people who do need help from benefits and get critisised for it. I will be claiming the grant this time we are on low income at the moment, but i feel embarassed to ask about the forms as people automatically assume you are some sponging low life, but i need the help.

i certainly wont be spending it on anything other than baby items many prob second hand.

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 20:17:32

see, i don't think that pregnancy is expensive. but maybe I have just been lucky
for me it's cheaper than not being pregnant- free prescriptions, free dental work etc etc. sickness meaning I don't eat as much! lol

festivedollyx Fri 02-Jan-09 20:32:14

For where i live it is, im in the middle of nowhere and local hosp is just a clinc i get sent to hosp 30 miles away everytime i have an appt and my baby will be born there. To get there i have to travel by ferry as well so it works out expensive,also maternity clothes and supports etc are not cheap. What im really including when i say pregnancy is expensive is buying things for the babys arrival as well.

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 20:35:55

festivedolly, i thought they were obliged to provide transport for stuff liek that? if you are forced to travel? but could be wrong, i think i read it on here somewhere?

festivedollyx Fri 02-Jan-09 20:44:50

not that ive been told,i think its only if you claim income support or something similar. we have a local clmu that some appts are at but they cant scan you or anything there.Im having consultant led as i have a heart condition so have to go to that hosp (there used to another where my 2 dds where born that was a little closer but its a clmu now as well).

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 20:46:42

that really sucks doesn't it? you don't have a choice but to go there, and yet it costs you a ton of mney! nice.

well i hope you get your grant through and it's helpful!!!

festivedollyx Fri 02-Jan-09 20:51:17

Yeah a lot of mums have been campaingning about it,and its in the papers a lot. Really its quite scary the thought of something going wrong in pg and not getting to hosp in time. They do provide helicopter in emergencys but a well equiped hosp locally would be better.

I hope we get it too,thanks.

newmumtobe84 Fri 02-Jan-09 21:56:21

Will have to beg and plead with my lovely midwife to change my EDD by a day, although don't hold out any hope!!

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jan-09 22:03:11

oooh but helicopter would be cool! when dp's mum went into labour with him they were stranded in snow and had to be helicoptered to hospital!! lol

newmum... you go and beg! i would

mogwai Sat 03-Jan-09 00:01:33

still nobody planning to spend it on fruit and veg.......

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