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I'm sure it's been done to death... but best maternity jeans?

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Picante Tue 30-Dec-08 09:19:33

Am sending DH into town to get me some so need to be high street. I like the ones that cover the bump rather than cut under it.


purplemonkeydishwasher Tue 30-Dec-08 09:22:23

i just got a great pair from new look. they are 'boyfriend' jeans so quite baggy, a good strong elastic bit to hold them up. i think they go aboiut mid-bump. oh and they come with a belt.
unless they've improved them in the last 4 years don't bother with dorothy perkins. they fall down. A. LOT.

purplemonkeydishwasher Tue 30-Dec-08 09:23:55

but of course I didn't pay £10!! envy

Picante Tue 30-Dec-08 09:26:15

Thanks - are they long? Do they only come in one length?

purplemonkeydishwasher Tue 30-Dec-08 09:30:05

do you need long or short?
i think they only come in one length. i'm quite leggy, take a 14 and they are a good length.

Picante Tue 30-Dec-08 09:30:49

I need long. Thanks for your help I'll see if he can find them.

wellbalanced Tue 30-Dec-08 09:53:55

I dont have any over bump, all under.
I did buy some half bump jeans but hated them they dug in (i did however go for an 8 as was early preg but normal jeans were abit uncomfy)
Topshop and new look are a good fit for me, The right size (ie: a 10 is still a 10 with stretch in pockets) Next were sized far too big and have 'room' around tops of legs, bum and waist where i havent put weight on-i have just tried them on again this am and at 25wk still way too big (i do have a bump)
Good look...

wellbalanced Tue 30-Dec-08 09:54:32

I mean luck!!! blush

blinks Tue 30-Dec-08 10:27:24

top shop rather good.

blinks Tue 30-Dec-08 10:28:54


VerityClinch Sun 04-Jan-09 18:24:57

Have to second the comment on Dorothy Perkins... my mum bought me some for Christmas as all my other jeans are now too tight, and they're hopeless, I have to hoik them up about every 15 minutes!

I love the stretchy bit, though. It's like having a pocket for your belly.

1stMrsF Sun 04-Jan-09 18:37:37

JojoMamanBaby Indigo jersey waist bootleg jeans

Sadly not in the sale, but still not horribly expensive and very comfy. You can also fold down the stretchy bit (find this useful when walking a lot, stops them falling down)

poppy34 Sun 04-Jan-09 18:42:44

gap -do various sizes and cuts - most comfortable and normal looking by miles

ramonaquimby Sun 04-Jan-09 18:43:26

I really liked top shop

hellogoodbye Sun 04-Jan-09 19:02:16

MIL bought me a great pair of over the bump Jeans from Next for Christmas. I have practically lived in them since christmas. They are as comfy as jogging bottoms! I have several pairs of under bump or mid bump ones and they are all so uncomfortable, and they are from various shops. Honestly, go for over bump. And it keeps belly warm and doesn't matter if your top creaps up, or if you bend over, you don't have your underwear showing!

KiBe Mon 05-Jan-09 10:32:09

I have some over the bump ones from Debenhams, the Red Herring Maternity range I think, over the bump cargo pants, they're lovely and comfy.

hellogoodbye Mon 05-Jan-09 14:05:45

Just double checked mine and they are red herring not next! blush

mamamila Mon 05-Jan-09 14:33:40

has anyone tried the maternity versions of paige/ juicy/ citizens of humanity?
do you recommend? i know i'll still be i'm only 6 weeks and showing and will be still wearing for months after birth i'm sure so i'd prefer some 'proper' jeans

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