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How soon can you tell the sex of a baby in an ultrasound?

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stiefyloo Sat 27-Dec-08 22:32:06

I'm 15 weeks and can't wait to find out! grin

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 27-Dec-08 22:32:42

i found out at 17,

think its from about 15 weeks

cece Sat 27-Dec-08 22:33:36

I had a scan at 17 weeks with the consultant and he asked me if I wanted to know. So I guess he was fairly confident of finding out if I had wanted to know.

littleboyblue Sat 27-Dec-08 22:34:12

A friend of mine was told at her 12 week scan because they looked for the beginnings of uterus growing but not all hospitals do it like that. I've always found out at 22 wks scan.

stiefyloo Sat 27-Dec-08 22:40:26

Just being impatient. I'm lucky in that I do get a 20 wk scan on NHS where I live. My first one was at the early pregnancy unit though at 9 wks and although everything was fine, I don't feel I've got the peace of mind that you get at the milestone 12 wk scan when they tell you that everything looks ok. 5 more weeks seems ages!

festivedollyx Sat 27-Dec-08 22:56:03

some people say 12 weeks but really the sex organs look the same till areound 15/16 weeks so it must be some scan to find out that early!! i have always found out at 20 weeks, this time they couldnt get a great view at 20 weeks and said it might be a girl!!

there is a good site i will try to find and post for you.

ComeWhineWithMe Sat 27-Dec-08 22:58:18

I found out last Friday when I was 17+1 .

festivedollyx Sat 27-Dec-08 23:09:45

this site has good info for sexing and scans

Lockets Sat 27-Dec-08 23:22:08

Message withdrawn

metoo2222 Sun 28-Dec-08 00:20:54

12 weeks I was told boy and 20 weeks was told girl!

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