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Braxton Hicks: Are these helpful in pregnancy?

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shhhh Sun 27-Mar-05 11:29:15

After going to hospital yesterday with tightening of the top of my tummy which was maybe more uncomfortable than painful (?) I have been advised that these are braxton hicks. I have been getting these since about 24 wk and i'm currently 33 weeks. Although these are normal and appear to be happening more often now does anyone have any experience of these and baby's birth? People that experienced them did you find that they helped the birth as they had prepared your uterus etc or did they have no impact at all.
I'm worrying that if I am finding these uncomfortable now how am I going to find the birth ?!!

piffle Sun 27-Mar-05 11:34:34

I had tons bh's with ds (1st child) from 20 weeks, some were one on top of the other, was so sure it was labour many times
but labour took about 45 mins from when I actually knew I was in labour which was at transition!!! Midwife said bh's help prepare the cervix and make dilation more efficient or maybe that's bull and I was lucky
with dd I had them from 16 weeks, again so uncomfortable from 30 wks I had a false alarm and even the consultant was not sure I was not in labour, but I wasn't and had dd 25 mins after getting to hosp, about 50 mins after noticing a very forceful contraction that could not be confused for a bh.I found birth a breeze, you are more focussed on delivering when in proper labur, than with bh's IYSWIM
Go for it be confident

tillykins Sun 27-Mar-05 11:56:14

I thought they were a blooming nightmare, they hurt (and everyone said, no they don't - they did!) and didn't seem to serve any purpose, though the midwife said they prepared the womb for the real thing.
Only thing that helped with mine was a heatpack on my lower back - don't know why it helped but it did!
Good luck, it really will be worth it

Tinker Sun 27-Mar-05 11:59:05

I get these a lot and did so last time. Had pretty straightforward labour last time, we shall see this time... They do hurt but, believe me, you'll know the differnece when you get the real thing

Kiwicath Sun 27-Mar-05 12:00:50

I had none what so ever. For this reason and the fact that he seemed to be backingup rather than dropping down, I felt that he was going to be overdue. On the evening of his due date I started to get mild period pain like cramps. Thought they must have been the Braxton things so didn't worry. 3 hours later, babe was born. Wonderful birth, gas and air for about 5 minutes before actual birth. So, long story short - didn't have them but had fab quick birth. Good luck XX

shhhh Sun 27-Mar-05 12:10:45

Thanks to all of you for your kind reassuring words. It's so hard when expecting your first child (Well I would say that when expecting my first ) as you have no idea if what you are experiencing is correct or not.
Looking at the replies all births are different but those of you who experienced bh's seemed to have quick births. I'm going away happy and I don't think I will scare myself any if I could get any more scared....
Keep your fingers crossed that this little rascal is easy on mum when I go to deliver her .

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