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Callanetics in early pregnancy

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Chrysanthamum Wed 24-Dec-08 22:18:21

Is it wise to continue with callanetics for the stomach if you suspect you might be pregnant?

llareggub Wed 24-Dec-08 22:33:48

I think it is probably best asking a midwife or GP.

I haven't heard of callanetics since the 80s! In fact I recently tried buying a callanetics DVD but none were to be found.

Chrysanthamum Wed 24-Dec-08 23:15:49

Yeah I know they're a bit quaint now callanetics but I swear by them and know them by heart! I recently found a class just round the corner from me and would like to go and find out how wrong I've been doing them all these years. you're right tho I'll ask an expert. I've always quit for pregnancies so far but could do with firming up a bit this time. have you tried pilates? They sound

BikeRunSki Fri 26-Dec-08 09:51:07

I did pilates (went to a pg specific class; wnet to an ordinary class first and instructor was very nervous about me, which made me very nervous too) throughout 2nd and 3rd trimesters(too ill in first trimester) and they, and labour were pretty straightforward - until it came to the pushing - at which point mw and ob realised that strong stomach muscles had been obscuring footling breech! But it cuts both ways, as em cs scar has healed well and stomach in back to normal.

Chrysanthamum Sat 27-Dec-08 20:10:44

Oh that sounds a bit scary. I'll wait I think

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