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3/5 engaged at 31 weeks

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babyignoramus Tue 23-Dec-08 11:28:54

Midwife today has put 3/5ths on my notes - I'm actually 30+6 - I was quite surprised that it's happened this early! I'm thinking it doesn't make any difference in terms of when the baby will come - anyone know any different...??

sjcmum Tue 23-Dec-08 13:05:04

Sure it 's fine, especially if a first baby as they tend to move down earlier, rather than bouncing around in the stretched out space left by no1 - they can stay at 3/5ths for quite a while I think. Ask your midwife if not sure - but probably won't make much difference in the long run IMO.

lollipopmother Tue 23-Dec-08 13:40:51

Becoming engaged doesn't mean that labour is imminent, first babies can move down very early and in any case the baby is not fully engaged. Is it 3/5th palpable in the notes? If so that means that 3 out of 5 portions can be felt. I was 1/5th palpable at 37 weeks and DD managed to completely disengage herself and came out 11 days late, the little darling! hmm

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