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My baby just kicked.

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ComeWhineWithMe Tue 23-Dec-08 08:24:40

After a shitty few days ,my baby has just given me a massive kick and I have noone else to tell .grin

I have felt it sort of wiggle bit this was a proper "hello Mum" kick .

LynetteScavo Tue 23-Dec-08 08:26:06

HOw exciting!

HOw amny weeks are you? smile

ilovetochatupsanta Tue 23-Dec-08 08:27:46

aagh, it's an early xm,as present. smile

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Tue 23-Dec-08 08:28:24


You need a namechange. ComeSmileWithMe probably suits you better today.

ComeWhineWithMe Tue 23-Dec-08 08:28:53

17 plus 5 days

snoringnightmare Tue 23-Dec-08 08:29:37

Ahh that's lovely. Until it start's dancing on your bladder that is grin

KT1983 Tue 23-Dec-08 10:32:20

Thats lovely smile
Im now 33weeks & my little girl will NOT stop kicking me in the ribs - sometimes its uncomfortable & it keeps me up all night - but deep down I love her wiggling & kicking about. She likes me to know she is there - excited about Christmas probably wink

stillenacht Tue 23-Dec-08 10:33:37

Ah thats sooo cute! smile

MrsChristmasY Wed 24-Dec-08 15:05:06

It's lovely, isn't it? Wait till you start to see when lo is moving - it's like a bag of snakes wriggling!

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