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flu in early pg - anything i can do?

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olivo Sun 21-Dec-08 17:35:21

i have just recently found out that I am pg. today i feel beyond rough - exhausted, weak, sore and achy, on top of my nausea and dizziness. Is there anything i should do? i had a long rest this afternoon and will hopefully go to bed early if dd doesnt play up. I've had plenty of water and taken my temp which is ok.
is it just rest that will do the trick?

littleboyblue Sun 21-Dec-08 17:37:36

You can take paracetamol

needmorecoffee Sun 21-Dec-08 17:38:09

paracetomol and stay in bed. I had real flu when pg with nukmber 3 at about 24 weeks. Coughing so much I thought I'd give birth and was so weak dh had to carry me to the toilet.

SheWillBeLoved Sun 21-Dec-08 17:38:24

Take the recommended dose of paracetamol. It'll take the edge off things. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and just wait it out sad it's horrible, i'm still getting over mine 2 weeks later! Feel better soon x

olivo Sun 21-Dec-08 17:45:40

thanks for your replies. I'll take some paracetamol beofer bed then; wasn't sure if it was ok so early on. am managing my cough with my inhaler and my snotty nose is better than it was. serves me right for not having a flu jab this year sad

onwardandmerrilyupward Sun 21-Dec-08 18:17:07

In my first pregnancy, I felt so flu-y rough that I went to the GP to ask for something to help. I never visit the GP. And I said "Oh, I should tell you that I just got pregnant and had a positive test a couple of days ago" and she said "Ah. Then this is not the kind of flu I can give you drugs for, because it is a pretend flu called 'you-just-got-pregnant-and-this-is-a-symptom-but-it-will-pass-soon'". She did not use exactly those words. MAybe you have the same thing. And congratulations on becoming pregnant!

OonaghBhuna Sun 21-Dec-08 19:15:45

Olivio, I can sympathise, I have flu too and in the early stages of pregnancy. I have felt really ill but the paracetamol helps.

HeadFairy Sun 21-Dec-08 19:19:13

When you get pg doesn't your immune system kind of take a back seat to prevent your body attacking the baby? I'm sure that's why so many people get rotten colds in early pregnancy, I know I did with ds. Thought I was going to die, but I guess part of that is because you can't take any decongestant. Hope you feel better soon Olivo xx

olivo Sun 21-Dec-08 20:08:31

ah, actually, that makes it a bit more cope-able with ,if it's really a pg thing. I'm just dreading this week of me and dd being off on our own - today i had to send dh out with her for a few hours so i could get some rest, as she doesnt stop!
thanks for yuor wisdom, ladies!and congratualtions oohnagh!

HeadFairy Sun 21-Dec-08 20:48:12

Poor thing, go to bed as soon as dd's in bed and get loads of sleep.

insywinsyspider Mon 22-Dec-08 09:17:14

hi olivio, I'm just getting over cold/flu (more of a cold but we've all had high temps) I'm 15 wks pg with 2 ds's (2.5yr and 1yr) and we've all had it including dh, its horrible all I've been able to do is sleep when possible, you can take paracetamol, use vicks vapur rub at night, I've done the head of a bowl of hot water thing a few times to ease my ear ache, hot leamonade and honey helps ease the coughing and you can get glyercin syprup and pastels from boots which you can take whilst pg (although his v high glucose so avoid it if you are risk of gestational diabeties) and a only ultra balm tissues will do (my nose is so sore!) I've also started taking pregnacare vits to try and boost my system (never taken it with either of other preg but it might help), my sil is pg and she is taking vit c and zinc but I wasn't sure that was ok.... need to check with pharmsist

hope it eases for you soon, it truely is horrible but if it helps we've spent a fortune on drugs for dh and he still feels like sh*t so I actually haven't felt too miffed about not being able to take much

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