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Any tips for getting rid of DREADFUL taste in mouth at 11 weeks?

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ZakuroFujiwara Fri 19-Dec-08 18:22:50

I have really bad morning sickness which I'm sure this is related to but I have the most awful taste in my mouth ALL the time. It is now beginning to really get me down.

Has anyone else had this and found anything that provides any kind of relief from it?

jingleallnewjinglebells Fri 19-Dec-08 18:26:26

Poor you - I remember this well
For me unfortunately the answer was to keep eating the limited foods I liked (chocolate blush), which is probably why I put on 4 stone

Really strong boiled sweets helped me - ordered some off the internet called brandy balls

EbeneezerSlouch Fri 19-Dec-08 18:27:41

Opal Fruits (Starbursts) helped me a bit.

ZakuroFujiwara Fri 19-Dec-08 18:29:40

Oooh yes - I can immediately tell just by thinking about it that boiled sweets might work. I'm thinking along the lines of Murray Mints - although maybe they won't be strong enough. Definitely worth a try tomorrow though! Thank you.

ZakuroFujiwara Fri 19-Dec-08 18:30:58

On the other hand Opal Fruits make my morning sickness radar go mental. So I might give those a miss grin. Thanks for the tip though - it's appreciated.

jingleallnewjinglebells Fri 19-Dec-08 18:37:06

Hopefully your sickness won't last much longer, it really is awful and I sympathise smile

SnowMuchToBits Fri 19-Dec-08 18:39:59

What sort of taste is it? I had a disgusting salty taste, which unfortunately lasted the entire pregnancy. I just kept eating to get rid of it (which is why I also put on loads of weight!) I found mint things kind of clashed with it though. Sweet things, or cheesy things seemed best (and I'm not normally a sweet foods person).

ZakuroFujiwara Fri 19-Dec-08 18:44:18

The only thing I can liken it to is when you have a septic throat and your mouth "tastes" kind of poisonous. Does that make any sense?

I know exactly what you mean about things clashing with it though....but instinctively boiled sweets seem to strike a chord of "might just make it a bit better" smile

sjcmum Fri 19-Dec-08 19:09:01

I used to get a really metallic taste sometimes. Ginger is good - and if you don't want to eat too many biscuits you could always go for Lemon and Ginger tea or something.

rachels103 Mon 22-Dec-08 09:40:53

Extra strong mints / chewing gum has helped me a bit. Hope it ends for you soon!

Newb Mon 22-Dec-08 09:47:25

Chupa Chupps and gummi bears seem to do the trick here....

ceciliaaherne Mon 22-Dec-08 10:00:51

I had this- constant eating seemed to help grin but I gelt awful afterwards. No suggestions other than what everyone else has said. Had to post though as this was the most awful part of my pregnancy and you have my sympathy.

littleboyblue Mon 22-Dec-08 10:04:26

OMG, it's awful isn't it? I tried to use chewing gum for a while but made me feel sick, then tried trebor mints but was going through packets nd packets and it was making everything I ate and drink have that minty taste to it. Nasty.
I agree to the boiled sweets. Even the cheapo ones in Tescos helped me. I use lots of mouthwash and sprays too.

joyfuleyes Mon 22-Dec-08 10:06:57

sipping tonic water helps me a little.

littleboyblue Mon 22-Dec-08 10:28:03

Tonic water, gonna try that today, never thought of it but can see how it'd work....

Ginni Mon 22-Dec-08 11:05:26

I had a rotting type of taste in my mouth for about the first 4 months, I didn't find out I was pregnant until 3 months in and was most disturbed by this! My dentist couldn't find anything wrong but I couldn't shake it. If you have ever caught a bit of old food from between your teeth in your dental floss and smelt it, it was like that. I couldn't find anything to help unfortunately though, just wanted to extend some sympathy. BTW my loved ones insisted that they couldn't smell anything and I know they would have been honest if they could, so I think it was my senses going haywire. My sense of smell and taste was also skewed, I tried spatone for the first time and it tasted like I had a mouth full of blood I had to spit it out, now I have it all the time and can barely taste the iron. Pregnancy certainly does funny things to you!

countrylover Mon 22-Dec-08 14:42:15

Nothing to suggest but I can extend my sympathy - I had that rotting food/off milk taste in my mouth for weeks and weeks. Even hardcore mouthwash didn't make any difference. It's like the taste is just seeping from the pores of your mouth (do you even have pores in your mouth?!)

I found once the all day nausea subsided, the taste went a few weeks after. Ewwww, just thinking ahout that taste makes me feel ill again.

BLomas Mon 13-Aug-12 20:08:35

I've read on other forums that Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking powder in water to swill or gargle is helpful. Tried it myself, and it was miraculous, but quite temporarily. Reassuring that my mouth might still be normal though!

FiveMonths Mon 13-Aug-12 20:20:33

I don't have the taste but I have the smell instead - it is appalling, and I know it isn't real though certain things exacerbate it like washing hanging up in the house, or the bathroom, or the car.

I know how bad it can make you feel. I'm 19 weeks and it is still here but it did disappear for a week or two and I'm hoping it will again soon - it's not as full on as it was a couple of months ago. Just comes and goes.

Sucking sweets, or mints or anything at all that takes it away for a while should help, I think it must be hormonal, but it's definitely the worst bit of being pregnant for me (so far at least!)

Good luck xxx

FiveMonths Mon 13-Aug-12 20:21:44

Sorry that was confusing - I don't mean I have washing in the car. Just the smell of the car!

milk Mon 13-Aug-12 20:38:23

For both pregnancies, I'm afraid it was a matter of trial and error sad

Go to a family/friend's house with loads in their kitchen, then you can try out lots of different drink/food until you find something that makes the taste not so bad.

With my first pregnancy, apple juice and apple sauce were king grin

With my second, I was totally addicted to dairy.

milk Mon 13-Aug-12 20:38:32

Hope it improves soon x

redandyellowbits Mon 13-Aug-12 20:42:31

Sharp lemon sweets or chewing gum worked for me in the early days. Now I go with chocolate (which is why I am huge and not looking forward to the post-birth diet)

Scroobius Thu 16-Aug-12 20:55:53

I've been going with fresh orange juice; I think the sharpness of it really works. Having said that you can't drink too much without ending up on the toilet all day...

Leftwingharpie Sat 18-Aug-12 08:27:30

Definitely flush out your mouth with bicarbonate of soda in water. Tastes rank at first but I've quickly got used to the taste - and it's a damn sight better than the horrible pregnancy mouth taste!

Separately I've found sparkling water or tonic quite good to drink and raw carrots seem ok to eat. You have my sympathy it's awful.

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