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undetected gestational diabetes - they've only just noticed

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kitkat9 Fri 19-Dec-08 17:04:22

I'm 39 +1, went for my routineappt this morning. I was a bit surprised to be told that the results of my glucose test which I took ages ago had actually shown that I had an abnormal result - I don't know what this means but she said they want pregnant women to have a result of less than 130, and mine was 131.

For some reason this hadn't been picked up, and they apparently should've had me back in for the 3 hour glucose test...but obviously didn't.

The mw said that at the stage there was no reason to worry and they would monitor my blood sugar levels throughout labour...of course I've come home and looked it up on the internet and now I'm a bit concerned about future problems...

does anyone have experience of this kind of situation? Should I be worried?

She also gave me a sweep so at least things might get moving soon.

MoominMymbleandMy Sat 20-Dec-08 02:34:11

I found I had had an abnormal test which classed me as 'borderline gestational diabetes'....when I read my notes after taking the baby home from hospital.

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