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Swimming after a 'show'

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ShirleyL Fri 19-Dec-08 09:55:30

Sorry if this is a silly question but i'm not sure. 40+4 today, think I had a show yesterday, jelly like substance snot coloured not bloody or anything (sorry TMI), haven't been having any pains or anything.
I normally go to aquanatal class on a Friday and just wondering if it is still ok to do so.


sorkycake Fri 19-Dec-08 10:09:56

I wouldn't personally. You're obviously getting close to labour.

FanjoForTheYuletideMammaries Fri 19-Dec-08 10:12:29

I wouldn't , as there is a higher risk of infection after losing the protective mucus plug! smile

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 19-Dec-08 10:13:52

I wouldn't either. Apart from infection risks, there's more jelly to come and you wouldn't want it floating about the pool...

ShirleyL Fri 19-Dec-08 10:14:19

Thanks will just sit on birthing ball. Hope something happens soon am really fed up now

ShirleyL Fri 19-Dec-08 10:18:15

Sorry if this is another silly question but does that sound like a show? This is my 2nd dc but I was induced the last time so I really haven't a clue didn't have any of this. Have been searching other threads but all describe theirs as having pink or brown streaks in them

tinkisabigpinksparklybauble Fri 19-Dec-08 10:30:01

sounds like a show 2 me.
i wouldnt do class either

ShirleyL Fri 19-Dec-08 10:31:02


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