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5month scan left me worried and upset :(

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buzzzybee Thu 18-Dec-08 13:47:31

I was soo excited about this scan,half way through i was told there was a pocket of fluid on the brain but shouldnt really worryshock and didnt know the sex although thats not important . any 1 have some advice pls?


belgo Thu 18-Dec-08 13:48:49

What exactly did they tell you? Do you have any follow up scan?

Iklboo Thu 18-Dec-08 13:50:59

I had this. Are you over 30? It's one of their 'soft markers' they have to mention if you are.
The pocket is a very very very very very very very small chance theat there is a chromosome disorder. PLEASE try not to worry, it really is extremely small chance and they would have mentioned more at the scan itself.
We went for a rescan with the consultant and she said "I've no idea why they even mentioned it, it's so small. Go home and enjoy your pregnancy Mrs Iklboo".
Ds is a very happy, healthy, lively and very intelligent little boy.
PLEASE try not to worry, honestly

buzzzybee Thu 18-Dec-08 13:51:31

They said it could be linked to downs syndrome and sort of an abscess but as they only found one i shouldnt worry,when i asked if i would be having another scan they said no need

buzzzybee Thu 18-Dec-08 13:52:45

Thankyou iklboo xx

belgo Thu 18-Dec-08 13:54:08

I would do as they say then, try not to worry. Do you have a sympathetic midwife who can reassure you?

Iklboo Thu 18-Dec-08 13:55:45

No problem. I cacked myself until the follow up scan (luckily next day). If they've told you there's no need to have another scan then it looks like they're happy with it

buzzzybee Thu 18-Dec-08 14:07:28

thanks guys,im trying hard not to worry but feeling guilty incase its my fault as im taking 20mg fleuxotine daily,with my other 2 i didnt take a thing but having a new baby (Harrys 7months)and my mother passing away i felt for the sake of them it would be best i'm also a very anxious person which isnt i feel alot better now i understand it a bit more x

iwantitnow Thu 18-Dec-08 14:10:26

Sorry I would go for another scan - can you afford a private one or else insist on NHS one. I had scans at the Fetal Medicine Centre in London which was very reassuring. I wouldn't be happy with the don't worry, I would worry - its probably nothing but demand a second opinion. My baby has a very very slight dilated kidney and I've had one extra scan at 26 weeks and another one due at 34 weeks on the NHS.

Iklboo Thu 18-Dec-08 14:13:08

The 'bubbles' on the brain & chromosome thing - the consultant said that there are very obvious other signs of the disorder that would be screaming out of the scan at her. Which is why she told me not to worry because the other signs weren't present.

OrmIrian Thu 18-Dec-08 14:13:37

I second everything ikiboo said. My 3rd baby had come sort of cysts on the brain (CPCs) which along with my age was a soft marker for Downs. They gave me a second scan a week later and was told that it had shrunk a little but they couldn't rule anything out.

Made for a nervous pregnancy but DS#2 was fine in the end.

angel1976 Thu 18-Dec-08 20:06:48

Buzzybee, I just wanted to add a message of support. I had a high risk nuchal scan and had a CVS so knew that the baby was healthy. At the 20-week scan, the sonographer also saw a pocket of fluid in the brain but seeing as I already had a CVS with normal results, he just mentioned it and said it was nothing to worry about as they often 'disappear'. DS is a very healthy 10-month-old now! Merry christmas and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy... smile

del1 Thu 18-Dec-08 21:28:25

I was left feeling so depressed after my 20 wk scan. The trainee told me that there was a soft marker on the brain, and it could be a sign of edward syndrome. Nobody explained it to us, so I looked it up on the net. What a mistake, I cried for days until I saw my midwife, and she put my mind at rest.
Apparantly loads of babies, even adults have them and don't even know.
If there was a problem, there are usually other ' soft markers' elswhere in the body.
Go and get some more info / advice to put your mind at rest.
I tried not to worry throughout pregnancy, but couldn't help it.
My little boy is 6 wks old and perfect. I'm sure you will be fine. ( i'm 32 if that makes any difference ?)

kitkat9 Thu 18-Dec-08 22:26:50

I had a similar experience at about 18 weeks - soft marker on ds2's brain which the doctor mentioned could be edwards syndrome - we had to know one way or the other and he performed an amnio there and then. All was fine.

He told us before the amnio that he was 99% sure that there was nothing wrong with him - but given my age (35) he had to point it out. However, he was very good at reassuring us that there were no other signs that there was anything wrong - it was purely dh and I who had to know what we were potentially facing.

If I was you I would ask for another more in-depth scan. If you're worried it would put your mind at ease..

Hae just remembered that with dd there was also something on her brain - I think they called it a dilated ventricle which turned out to be nothing. I was told it was fairly common and would likely be gone before she was born. It was very worrying and we paid for a private scan to get peace of mind. DD is currently charging around the living room, happy as anything.

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