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Is it normal to have pains like this at 38 weeks?

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ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 08:46:50

Down each side of the bump (not a terribly big bump I hasten to add!) I have a stitch type pain. I first got it on one side at about 32 weeks when I stood up too quickly, it lasted an hour and a half. Spoke to midwife about it and she said it was probably ligaments stretching and nothing to worry about.

Since yesterday afternoon though I've had a similar type pain down both sides. Kept me awake most of night. I can feel baby moving and it's actually painful as it squirms around. Braxton Hicking like mad.

I don't THINK it's early labour (not that I've got any idea what that feels like) but I've had no other signs - no show, no waters breaking, no backache etc.

Has anyone else had pains like this?

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 09:56:32

Ok, now I'm getting pains in my stomach that come and go - TMI, but like the feeling when you've got your period and you really need a poo and can't quite stand up straight - except I don't need one.

I'm getting a bit scared now!

LiffeyCanSpellGeansaiNollaig Wed 17-Dec-08 10:00:30

Have you had the baby yet?!?!

I had a pain like this at 37 wks. Lay/sat up on sofa that night thinking, it can't be labour, but I don't fancy another 3 wks of this! Realised I was in labour at about 4 am.

LiffeyCanSpellGeansaiNollaig Wed 17-Dec-08 10:00:59

Sorry, I though you posted this last night for some reason.

aidansyummymummy Wed 17-Dec-08 10:01:19

May be worth seeing your midwife, just to put your mind at rest. No other advice really as afraid my DS is 14mths now and I cant hardly remember the end of my pregnancy it seems so long ago.

Everyone starts labour differently, mine my full on contractions from the beginning.

Give the midwife a call and ask to see her and then try and rest.

LiffeyCanSpellGeansaiNollaig Wed 17-Dec-08 10:02:11

Just read your second post, about feeling like you need a poo. Do you keep going to the toilet to do the poo but nothing comes?

You're in labour.

grin good luck! are you ok by the way? you still there?

blinks Wed 17-Dec-08 10:07:02

i got pains like these, phoned the labour ward and was reassured that it was just stretching pains... didn't have baby for weeks after

aidansyummymummy Wed 17-Dec-08 10:14:26

I felt like I needed a poo constantly as baby was back to back.....its all coming back to me know.

Insist on a midwife seeing you then you can either relax or finish your bag!

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 10:19:58

I'm still here - nothing too painful yet, have the pains still, can't quite stand up straight, it is really like I need a poo, but I had one earlier! Then every now and again a stronger pain which lasts a few seconds, makes me sit up straight then goes again. No show though, no waters, no real pain in my back. It really does just feel like that early morning period pain you get (until the painkillers kick in).

Dunno if it's related but had shooting pains in my groin/fanjo the last couple of days too - thought was maybe the baby's head pressing on the pelvis?

DP is out on his bike on the moors - able to get back quite quickly if need be.

I'm very concious that it may just be trapped wind or something....!

littleboyblue Wed 17-Dec-08 10:26:56

Sounds like the early stages to me.
I was in Morrisons doing the weekly food shop, couldn't stand straight and really thought I was gonna have to pop to their toilets for a poo blush
2 days later, ds was born.
They say a warm bath helps calm braxton Hicks and will slow early labour down a bit.

Lemontart Wed 17-Dec-08 10:32:22

when I told my mw about groin pain near the end - almost a grating shooting pain sensation - she said it was baby’s head very low and engaged.
The feeling like needing a poo and not standing up straight, braxton hicks etc could either be that you body is preparing and baby is in an awkward position pressing into your back OR it could be signs of early labour.
I would try to relax and take it easy for a couple of hours and see if it eases off/stays the same/gets worse. Obviously worth speaking to a mw if it doesn’t ease off. I second the warm bath thing for braxton hicks. Not too hot and it can relax you and your body.
Good luck - keep us informed x

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 11:40:42

I phoned the advice line at the maternity ward - described everything I've said here. Midwife said sounds like could be early stages of labour...! See how it goes, if anything happens then ring again or ring delivery suite.

DP is all panicky sounding and on his way back - I however am going to put a load of washing on, finish my bag and eat some cake.


orangehead Wed 17-Dec-08 11:50:50

How exciting. Wishing you a lovely labour

LiffeyCanSpellGeansaiNollaig Wed 17-Dec-08 12:34:32

Yes, have cake, you'll need it! Tomorrow for breakfast you will have ONE slice of stale white bread and half a cup of warm tea. Have two slices of cake grin

aidansyummymummy Wed 17-Dec-08 12:35:31

Loving the eat some cake bit!!! A newborn at christmas will be lovely.

post back any update when you can

Good Luck xxx

orangehead Wed 17-Dec-08 12:39:28

How is things

blinks Wed 17-Dec-08 13:21:42

best of elfin luck

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 15:58:06

Still twinging like mad, no massive developments though - been out with DP for lunch, Braxton Hicked all the way through, went for a little walk (waddle), every so often I'd get a twinge. Stitch type feeling has eased off though, replaced by dull backache and period type pain.

I don't know, you know! It all seems to be easing off a bit. Feeling a little disappointed...

blinks Wed 17-Dec-08 16:54:53

i honestly had what you're describing for 3 weeks and was still induced.

you never know though!

TrinityRhino Wed 17-Dec-08 16:59:54

Oh I've gone all weepy and broody
I'm so happy for you <weep>
A little tiny new baby for you to hug and love <sob><sniff>

sorry I'll go now...

PinkPoinsettias Wed 17-Dec-08 17:03:38

both mine started like this, 3 days of it with dd... 18 hours of that was proper regular contraction (trust me, you'll know the differance wink). only had a few hours of it with ds before it settled into proper labour.

good luck, try nipple twiddling during every contraction to make them stronger and longer, it really works.

PinkPoinsettias Wed 17-Dec-08 17:09:31

make the contractions stronger and longer that is... not your nipples obviously

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 17:15:13

PP, I was going to saaaaayyyyyy..... shock

Sparklyblue Wed 17-Dec-08 18:13:07

Any news yet. How exciting smile

ButIForgetMysElf Wed 17-Dec-08 18:41:18

None, just lying here watching Heartbeat with pains not unlike those of the period variety!

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