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Should I be worried about estimated birth weight of 5.5lbs?

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KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 08:45:54

Just wanted some info from anybody who has had similar with their pregnancy or any advice really....

I had a midwife appt at 28weeks & was measuring small. I was sent for a Growth scan the next day & baby was a little on the small side ( it was her tummy that was the measurement that wasnt quite right for dates) So they booked me in again for 32 week Growth Scan. Which I had yesterday...
Baby is still small & her tummy has not grown much, her weight at 32 weeks is 3lbs 12oz... Is that about right? they said she is JUST hitting the 15th Centile line...whatever that is?
They also gave us the approx birth weight of 5lbs5oz...Which is tiny sad
Im so worried that she is not going to be healthy at that weight? And what if I go into labour early?

They also said that if she is still not growing well enough at 36 weeks when they check her again, that they decide wether she is better out than in.

They also said everything inside was normal - Bloodflow/fluid/placenta etc...So no real reason as to why she is small.....

Am I over reacting as its first baby? Has anyone had similar? Is 5.5lbs really too low?

Tortington Wed 17-Dec-08 08:47:39


KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 08:50:19

Thanks Custardo smile

SazzlesIsASleighBell Wed 17-Dec-08 08:51:21

My DD1 was born at 5 5 1/2 at 36 weeks, no SCBU, breastfed and is a very energetic toddler now!

Did they give you a steroid injection to help her lungs develop in case of early delivery?

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 08:55:03

No, they just scanned me, told me to book in with my new hospital ( as im moving in Jan) for a 36week scan & see what happens from there.

Should I ask Midwife about the injection?

boogeek Wed 17-Dec-08 09:01:03

I think you should ask just how "approx" the weight is too - I was told my first was going to be big, at least 4 kg at term (I was in Japan, I don't know whether 4 kg would be considered big here?) then she was born 2 1/2 weeks late - so 4 weeks after the measurements - at 3.2 kg. It's just worth asking how large the errors are and are you worrying unnecessarily.

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:03:37

Thanks boogeek - I am also worried about the approx I worry that it might go the other way. She may actually be smaller than what they estimate.

Pregnancy is SO stressful!

bubbles4 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:06:27

my ds1 was classed as small for dates and like you i had numerous growth scans,he was 6lb 4oz at birth and is now 20,6ft 2in and 13 stone,so try not to worry,best wishes.

bigTillyMint Wed 17-Dec-08 09:07:43

Friends DD was 5 1/2lbs at birth, is now the tallest in her class aged 9.

Her dad is 6 foot 5, mum 5 foot 8, so it was a bit of a surprise.

When I was pg with DD, the consultant said it is notoriously difficult to judge birth weight. I was told DD would be 8lb. She was 6 1/2hmm

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:12:37

Thanks for your messages smile

I have just spoken with my mum, who said I was only 6lbs. So perhaps its in the genes that the family has small babies & my brother was only 6lb2oz.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-Dec-08 09:21:33

Some people tend to have small babies. And growth scans are rubbish. I wouldn't stress.

reikizen Wed 17-Dec-08 09:23:52

Oh growth scans are bollocks. No way of knowing until babe is in arms in my experience!

Myrrhcy Wed 17-Dec-08 09:24:50

My dd was born 3 days early and weighed 5lb 9.

No health problems then or now (she's 7 now). We are just a small family.

metoo2222 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:25:39

you'll be glad it's not a big baby when it comes to it

My friend just had one 5 lb 7 oz at full-term, is doing fine!

DS2 was estimated 5 lb at 33 weeks, was told he would probably double by birth. He was born a week late and 6 lb 12 oz hmm

DS1 was esimated 4 lb 8 oz at 34 weeks, he was born later that day 4 lb 9 oz.

lou33 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:27:35

i know someone who was induced this week at 38 weeks with her first baby because they thought he was not growing properly, and estimated him to be 5lbs

he came out at 5lb 14 and all is well, hth

Niecie Wed 17-Dec-08 09:33:51

I had a friend who had small babies and both were perfectly healthy and not small children. The first was around the 5lb mark the second a bit bigger. I think some people are meant to have small babies and some are meant to have big babies.

I come from a family of big babies (I was 10lb 6 oz) and I was surprised DS1 was only 6lb 10oz at term but DH's family were all around the 6lb mark. You have to factor in father's birth weights too I think.

DS2 was measuring small for dates for a while in the middle of the pregnancy and ended up 9lb, born at 39 wks.

Bear in mind that growth isn't smooth as well - it goes in fits and starts and you could have a late surge in weight.

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:37:49

Lots of reassurance - Thanks everyone.
Maybe good things do come in small packages smile

ThePregnantMerryYuleWitch Wed 17-Dec-08 09:40:36

Message withdrawn

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Wed 17-Dec-08 09:42:52

I am in a similar sort of situation. I had a growth scan on the 18th Nov. he was estimated at 5lb 1oz, then at yesterday's scan he was estimated to be 5lb 5oz, so he's only (maybe) put on 4oz in a month, I do have some other issues as well though, low waters being the main one at the moment.

They are inducing me on Boxing Day when I'll be 38+6, they've warned us he might need some extra help when he's born, I don't think because of his size, more so because he hasn't grown, obviously there is something restricting him putting the weight on, and although everything looks well now (except the low waters) we won't know for sure till he is out.

Also DS1 was 7lb 15oz, and DS2 was 8lb 10oz, so certainly not tiny. I really think at 5lb+ it isn't the size that causes the problem, but the problem that causes the size IYKWIM? If there is no problem causing the size then all should be fine. Am I making any sense whatsoever?!

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 09:48:20

I kind of get you NatalieJane. I do wonder why she isnt growing as quickly.
I think maybe its my fault. Im a Fitness Instructor - So very active. Perhaps Im not resting enough for her to grow?
i hope everything goes well for you on Boxing Day smile

izzybiz Wed 17-Dec-08 09:49:39

with Dd Iwas told she was 5lb at 36 week growth scan,and to expect 7lb at 40 weeks, 2 weeks later, at 38weeks, she was born weighing 7lb 15oz.

With Ds2 I was given a growth scan at 34 weeks he then was put at weighing 6lb 5oz, I was told to expect an 8-9lb baby at term.
He was born at 40 weeks weighing in at a hefty 10lb 10oz!!shock
Wish I had been offered another growth scan!

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Wed 17-Dec-08 10:15:40

Thanks smile

Some babies are just smaller, for no reason. It could be because you are so active, but that isn't a bad thing, in fact it is a very good thing. I am sure they will keep a very close eye on things if they are worried and if anything is amiss they will do what's best at the time.

I know that doesn't help you to not worry, but we just have to put our faith in them to get it right. And if everything else looks fine (the placenta, cord flow etc.) then chances are everything will be fine grin

The 15th centile means that 14% of babies will be smaller than your dd and 84% will be bigger.

So that means that she isn't going to be unusually small at all - 15th centile is within normal limits. Like others have said growth scans can be quite wrong anyway. The main thing is that she is growing not staying static and that blood flow is alright.

Are you on the petite side? Smaller women will generally have smaller babies.

KT1983 Wed 17-Dec-08 10:31:42

Stripey-Im 5'5, quite an average build - Size 10, And was 61kg at booking appointment. Ive only put on 6 lbs since then, which is also a concern of mine.

I guess you are very right - As long as she is still going upwards on the scale I should try not to worry too much.

Wheelybug Wed 17-Dec-08 10:39:22

Hi. My dd had IUGR (growth restriction) and measured on the 3rd centile from 22 weeks until she stopped growing completely between 35 and 37 weeks when they decided she needed to come out.

She was 4 lbs 9 oz when she was born but perfectly healthy. Just tiny. She had a few issues getting her body temperature regulated but they put her under a heater for a couple of hours and she was fine after that. She is now almost 4 and has always been very healthy, bright, reached all her milestones at the right point (usually before).

At your stage I was being scanned every two weeks which then went down to every week. If they were really concerned they wouldn't be leaving you 4 weeks.

Good luck !

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