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tummy supports - has anybody tried one? are they good?

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tab Thu 24-Mar-05 12:07:59

Lots of talk about sore tummies, including me, just feels achey a lot of the time. Has anybody tried a tummy support - either one of those belt things or an all in one vest thing? Was it a good purchase and if so - where should I look? I saw a vest all in one thing in the Bumps 2 Three catalogue but its £30 which seemed quite pricey really although I may have to just go for it.

Eaney Thu 24-Mar-05 12:21:18

I used one because of a sacro illiac joint dysfunction which meant my hips went out of alignment causing a lot of pain. The physio gave me the belt and it was brilliant. It was just a heavy duty elastic belt that closed under the bump. It helped with the bump weight and kept my hips in alignment when I walked. I got it free on NHS.

starlover Thu 24-Mar-05 18:05:36

i had some big support pants from mothercare which were fab when i was working

bluemint Thu 24-Mar-05 20:20:45

Got a belt from the physio for daytime and also got a tubi-grip that goes over bump for night time and it's brilliant. You should be able to get one from your midwife apparently.

gingernut Thu 24-Mar-05 20:44:48

I bought one like this which was good but in the end I got a heavy duty one frfom the physio as well. Couldn't have managed without them (I used the one I bought most of the time as it was more comfortable and practical, but used the one from the physio if I was doing lots of walking or standing).

tab Fri 25-Mar-05 10:35:26

Thanks for your comments. I think I will ask the midwife next week if she can give me something like the tubigrip you mention. I dont think I'm a special enough case to be referred to a physio and what you had sounded really painful Eaney.

Not sure if I can last out til next Thursday though. Debating whether to drive an hour to Bluwater to get to Blooming Marvellous!! Thanks gingernut for linking me to the one you bourght. I think I might try that. Just wish I lived next door to Blooming Marvellous!!

Gobbledigook Fri 25-Mar-05 11:36:23

Like Eaney I had terrible back and leg pain with ds2 and could barely walk without tears it was so bad. Went to the physio and she gave me one of those belts. I was a bit sceptical as to its ability to make any difference but it really, really did and I would recommend it.

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