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Really bad pain just started lower abdomen RHS - Help!

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MommyD Thu 24-Mar-05 09:18:01

Just felt almost a tearing sensation as I bent down to pick something up - lower abdo, RHS. I occasionally get what I assume is ligament stretching when I move suddenly, or cough - but this is really bad. dh abroad. Local friends not around. A 2 year old and a 1 year old in tow. Can't dash off to hospital. No family to help.
Do you think it could be anything sinister? Am I silly to ignore it....?
I am 23 weeks pregnant.

dropinthe Thu 24-Mar-05 09:19:25

Call an ambulance-you will not be wasting their time-just take the kids with you!!

nutcracker Thu 24-Mar-05 09:24:51

If you can't ring an ambulance then call yuor midwife straight away and she will advise you of what to do.

If you do ring an ambulance they will let you take the kids with you, i had to once.

Is the pain still the same ???

MommyD Thu 24-Mar-05 09:34:06

Pain is easing....
It could be ligaments?
Baby kicking lots.
I'll wait and see for a bit
Thanks for your help

nutcracker Thu 24-Mar-05 09:35:25

Glad it's eased a bit. It could just be that you stretched too much in your sleep, i remember doing that and it hurt like hell.

mears Thu 24-Mar-05 09:45:57

MommyD - sounds like a ligament/muscular. Take 2 paracetamol and try and rest on the sofa for a wee while.

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