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HELP - 36 wks preg with very chesty cough and temp - what can I take?

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oopsadaisyangel Tue 16-Dec-08 08:52:05

Heading says it all really! I'm 36 weeks pregnant and seem to have picked up a very nasty chesty cough, my temperature has risen significantly and i generaly feel like shite (excuse my language but its the best way to describe it just now!)

What should I do or take (oh and I'm still at work!)

HELP please sad

oopsadaisyangel Tue 16-Dec-08 09:13:58

please - I'm in pain here!!

TheProvincialLady Tue 16-Dec-08 09:20:10

Poor you. If you have a temperature you should go home. The only thing you can take is paracetamol but you can do steam inhalation and have hot lemon and honey drinks (not lempsip - I mean the ones you make yourself).

I am 39 weeks pregnant and only just starting to get slightly better from this is day 10shock It is vile. Look after yourself - bed is the best place to be.

oopsadaisyangel Tue 16-Dec-08 09:23:33

Thanks ProvincialLady - will brave it out at work today - I finish up on Thursday and leave early twice a week for monitoring at the hospital - my work are being arsey enough about that so I don't think it will go down too well if I go home ill - will see how I fair though.

Myrrhcy Tue 16-Dec-08 09:24:57

Poor you.

Tbh I'd go home as TPL says and ask your pharmacist for advice.

TheProvincialLady Tue 16-Dec-08 09:32:15

You are 36 weeks pregnant and your work would be arsey about you going home illshock They want shooting. I hope you can get through the day.

oopsadaisyangel Tue 16-Dec-08 09:33:54

Yep - not very staff focused - they are being arsey with me going for monitoring twice a week when the cause of it is because I had a stillborn at this exact time last year!!

TheProvincialLady Tue 16-Dec-08 10:08:53

Oh oopsadaisy that is awfulsad I hope the monitoring is reassuring.

newmomma Tue 16-Dec-08 15:02:32

oopsadaisy - i had a bvery high temperature when i went to the docs recently with something similar. i had struggled on for a week or so without any drugs but the minute i got a high temp they gave me antibiotics.

the doc said the fever could be more harmful to the baby than the antibiotics. (can cause early labour in some rare cases)

i'm at exactly the same stage as you - 36 weeks - and the doc reassured me that if early labour did happen it wouldn't matter at all as the baby would be fine - but perhaps it might be worth calling your doc to see if they'd agree?

i don't mean to worry you - especially after your terrible experience last year - but its better to just ask the doc what they think. do you know how high your temp is?

hope you feel better really soon.

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