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Aspirin in pregnancy

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sparkle Wed 23-Mar-05 22:05:16

Did any of you take low dose aspirin after having high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia with other pregnancies? When should it be taken from, one doctor has said 6 weeks but everything else I have read seems to indicate 12/13 weeks onwards. Any information appreciated.

sparkle Wed 23-Mar-05 22:25:12

bumping this before I go and clean the loo - exciting evening

sparkle Wed 23-Mar-05 23:12:18


mears Wed 23-Mar-05 23:33:02

The benefits of taking low dose aspirin for the reasons you mention have not been proven and is no longer advised. Will try and find more info

mears Wed 23-Mar-05 23:44:13

Can't find what I am looking for but I know thatwe no longer advise taking low dose aspirin.

sparkle Wed 23-Mar-05 23:45:27

Thanks for the reply Mears. It is actually info for my sister and I forgot to mention she developed early onset PE and her baby subsequently was delivered at 26 weeks but sadly did not survive. Any info you can find would be great as she is unsure what to do for the best. Her doctor has suggested she start taking the aspirin now as 'it will do no harm' but she is also waiting to hear from her consultant but this seems to be taking a long time.

sparkle Wed 23-Mar-05 23:47:13

Should also add that the PE was in her second pregancy. She had a very straighforward pregnancy with her first.

mears Thu 24-Mar-05 11:37:16

sparkle - found this link for you. She really needs to speak to the consultant about it. She could ask the GP to make an appointment now to discuss it or she could phone the hospital and ask for an appointment though his secretary. Best to talk to the specialist who will be looking after her. HTH.

hoxtonchick Thu 24-Mar-05 11:41:26

i'm on low dose asprin. i'm 24 weeks pg, have pre-existing diabetes & high blood pressure. it's my second pregnancy & i didn't get pre-eclampsia first time. i think i stop taking it around 36 weeks, having started at 13 weeks. will ask my consultant strict questions next week!

sparkle Thu 24-Mar-05 20:59:35

Thanks for the link Mears, i'll pass it on to my sister. Hoxtonchick, I'd be really interested in hearing how you get on with your appointment next week.

rodeo1 Sat 26-Mar-05 11:42:14

Hi Sparkle,

I had early onset PE with my 1st pg, which resulted in dd being delivered at 26 weeks, who like your sister's, sadly died too.

Have since had 2 babies and with both pg's was advised by APEC (action on pre-eclampsia) to take low dose aspirin, which I had to ask my doctor to precribe me. Started taking from week 12 and didn't have any signs of PE at all. Can't tell if aspirin was the reason but now have 2 healthy children!!

Am now pg again, about 8 weeks, I'll ring APEC again, to see what they advise now, but I'd think I'd be anxious now about not taking it. Although with 2 healthy pgs the chances of me getting it again are slim.

Best wishes to your sister x x x

sparkle Sat 30-Apr-05 20:30:12

My sister started taking the aspirin at 8 weeks as her consultants (she is being looked after by two hospitals) recommended starting them early. She has also found out she is having twins

She is having regular scans and so far all seems well. Hoxtonchick, did you get any more info from your consultant?

hoxtonchick Sat 30-Apr-05 22:30:32

well i'm still taking the asprin, sparkle! hmmm, not sure it's specifically for pre-eclampsia, though i do have pre-existing high blood pressure & am taking drugs for it. i have to stop taking it at 36 weeks so that my blood clots as normal during labour (i think....). am a bit useless really! and i've just looked at my previous post & i seem to have repeated myself. so i'll shut up now.

expressmummy Sat 30-Apr-05 22:32:23

my friend had 1/2 a disolvable asprin every day of her pg as she had lost 2 babies before and they thought that it was that her blood cloted while she was pg and not getting to baby they stopped it at 34 weeks pg and she was fine

hope this helps

sparkle Sat 30-Apr-05 22:34:04

She's also taking vitamins C and E and Omega oils but i'm not sure what these are connected with.

Bonkerz Sun 01-May-05 18:07:25

i was prescribed a low dose of aspirin on friday . Am 6 weeks pregnant and have high blood pressure and history of clotting in the family. Also have had 2 mc. Am now worried about taking it!

chezie Mon 02-May-05 08:49:22

I took asprin for about 5-6 mths BEFORE I got pregnant with my second son due to lipids. I continued to take asprin until 36 wks. At seven wks I also started daily heparin injections, It worked and I now have 2 lovely little boys/ terrible little hooligans (depending how they are behaving} GOOD LUCK to you.

beachyhead Tue 03-May-05 18:57:21

I'm taking low dose aspirin (from 6 weeks and no-one has told me when I should stop), high dose folic acid and high dose vitamin C&E (all prescribed by pre-eclampsia consultants) as I had early onset p/e in Ist pregnancy and high blood pressure in second. In second pregnancy, took it right to the end - good point about stopping earlier though to allow blood to clot post birth...will check with consultant.

Haven't heard any negative publicity about aspirin - any links would be helpful, anyone?

edd Tue 03-May-05 22:31:54

Hi, I am low dose aspirin and innohep injections daily since I was 6 wks pregnant and I am now 33 wks pregnant. I suffered 6 m/c due to blood clotting problems previously and the above medication has brought me through so far. My consultant intends to take me off it all at 35 wks and I honestly believe only for the aspirin and innohep I would not be as far as I am today, hope this helps.

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