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Anyone had a 3D/4D scan

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Reallytired Sun 14-Dec-08 19:06:34

What was it like? Would you recommend the experience. I live in Hertfordshire and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of a private company who does 3D/4D scans.

nobodysfool Sun 14-Dec-08 19:38:57

I have had 4d scans done with both dc.Expecting ds2 in Jan.I can honestly say it is wirth every penny.We went to a company called Babybond both times as they let you bring a cd with music on that can be recorded onto the dvd.
Pic on profile smile

FruitynNutty Sun 14-Dec-08 19:48:06

Yup just had mine done yesterday at Babybond grin Well worth it! Pictures on profile if you want to have a nosey grin
I had no idea you could put your own music on the DVD though - they didn't say anything to me hmm

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Mon 15-Dec-08 08:38:43

Sorry to hijack but great pics Fruity!

Im having mine done in January.. cant wait!


tinkisabigpinksparklybauble Mon 15-Dec-08 08:50:22

we had a 4-d scan done @ 28 weeks fantastic would definetly reccomend we had ours done @ babyscan porstmouth amazing

oneyummymummy Mon 15-Dec-08 09:06:40

It is a must do! I had mine done in woolwich arsenal which is probably far to far for you, but they were quite cheap and you get a 4/d scan, dvd, cd rom, loadsa pictures black and white and colour and a cute photo frame for one of the pics! You can also buy loads of EXTRAS like keyrings, mugs, mats etc... but it only cost £130.

I love mine, and every now and again get it out and laugh at my dd sucking her toes while she was in there...she still does it now sometimes! These are things i would never have known if i didnt have it done! Well worth it! I had mine at 27weeks as they recommended this was the best time to have it done!

FruitynNutty Mon 15-Dec-08 14:23:18

Thanks GYo grin Can't wait to see yours smile

fgpl Mon 15-Dec-08 14:39:04

I had one done on Saturday. Went to Innervision who were doing scans in Wakefield, just off M1 this weekend. It was £65 with 4 pics. A cdrom with extra pics was another £10.
Absolutely the best thing ever.
Confirmed baby a girl, with 100% confidence. (Saw her bits clearly)
Husband was really miffed before the scan at the expense "when you will be seeing the baby soon enough" for heavens sake I am only 31 weeks, He doesn't understand how long another 9 pregnant weeks really is.
Needless to say hubby was mesmerised and has had a stupid contented grin on his face since. He keeps saying how beautiful she is.
Have the most fab pics of her face. Amazing to see that she is the absolute image of her brother. Have been carrying the pics round with me since.
I can't recommend it highly enough.

oneyummymummy Mon 15-Dec-08 17:16:01

Yeah, my 4d scan pics are very clear, I will try to get them up for you to see if i can work out how to do that!?The dvd is the best as you can see her moving, yawning, sucking can even see her eyes open and close!

Its good when you can see their whole face, I know a couple of people who have gone and had to go back as the baby was being very un-co-operative and hiding thier face!he!

fgpl- that is a very good price...can you buy a dvd of it too?Although it is far for me, it may be worth the travel for next time!

jabberwocky Mon 15-Dec-08 17:24:40

I had one with ds2. I really loved it. Wish I had done it with ds1.

Reallytired Mon 15-Dec-08 17:57:59

I believe that you have to have an transducer inserted vaginally. What is that like?

I am a little nervous about finding out the sex by accident. I quite like not knowing. Its it inevitable that you will find out the sex if you have a 4-D scan.

I was thinking of going to verluam clinic but maybe they aren't the best value for money.

Its a balance though between cost and travel distance. Although Innervision sounds really good value for money, it would be a stupid distance for me to travel,

oneyummymummy Mon 15-Dec-08 18:12:24

As long as you tell them that you dont want to know the sex before they start they will make sure you dont see, they should ask you to look away when they first start to make sure that they dont start in the wrong area!!

I never had anything inserted vaginallyt only my first hospital scan but that was because i was only 5weeks pregnant and thats the only way they can see at that early stage!

SweetBROODY Mon 15-Dec-08 18:19:33

I was just about to start a thread to ask a similar question so i'd just like to ask it here... Which place is the best in London?? In terms of price and Product? I want somehwere they will treat you well for your money!

WhenFRUITYgotstuckupthechimney Mon 15-Dec-08 18:26:27

SweetBROODY I went to Babybond in Norbury SWLondon. There is also one in North London somewhere.
For £125 you get a DVD (about 5-8 mins long) and quite a good selection of b&w pics, I have five. I actually got it for £95 from the Babyshow in London but would pay £125. It was such an amazing experience. They used to be roughly £400 when I was preg with DS shock

Never heard of anyone having a 4d trans-vaginally hmm

oneyummymummy Mon 15-Dec-08 20:30:32

I got mine from apeekaboo imaging in Woolwich Arsenal! You get all the things i mentioned in my post above. £130 for dvd, cd rom, loadsa piccies(colour and b&w) and a photoframe. Good value for money and the people there are really friendly! You can also get keyrings and stuff made too. I didnt get one when i had my 3d scan done but went back with my SIL 6months after dd was born and they made me a keyring then, I love it still!

ElectraInExcelsis Mon 15-Dec-08 20:38:01

I had a scan at Babybond today but it was just a basic gender scan.

However, they gave me a £20 discount voucher for any 4D scan so if anyone in the midlands wants it - CAT me. It can only be used at the three midlands clinics, you see.

SweetBROODY Tue 16-Dec-08 10:42:41

When**FRUITY That sounds great... THere is a baby show next year but I think its literally a few weeks before i'm due.. may still go.

I'm prepared to pay the money if its worth it.. would like a good quality image... Do they treat us well??

fgpl Tue 16-Dec-08 10:48:50

You dont have the scan vaginally. Not necessary.
Yes they do variations on dvds etc. Check out the website.
As for the sex, the guy checked that bit in black and white first and he could have been showing me anything I wouldnt have guessed.
The first question was whether we wanted to know sex and he would have avoided that area if not anyway.

oneyummymummy Tue 16-Dec-08 13:03:22

I was definatly impressed with mine, a very good fact it is the best one ive seen out of all my friends/relatives ones, it was very clear!

TooMuchMakkaPakka Wed 17-Dec-08 00:30:45

I wasn't particularly impressed with mine. The company, Babypremier, mainly operate in the north of England I think. I had mine in West Yorkshire. But apparently I had an anterior placenta and the baby was in a funny position so couldn't see as much as usual. The pictures were worse than usual 2D scan pictures. But the DVD is good.

thefacefullofxmaspuddingchef Wed 17-Dec-08 05:36:57

I had a 4d scan for both mine, and it was worth it no doubt. Fantastic pics and dvd's, and how cool would it be to see yourself before you were born! My dc will have that to look forward to smile
It is expensive, but I thought of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity, which made the cost easier to bare. I went with Babybond, and you can go online now and edit and put music to and send to people, on there website theres a link.

Jackaroo Wed 17-Dec-08 06:56:03

I was fascinated with the photo, but still it seemed a bit weird to me. DH, on the other hand, pulled his photo out of this wallet only this weekend to show someone. DS is now 3 years old !!

It gave him the biggest kick ever (and DS still looks like that when he's asleep now)..

madeindevon2 Wed 17-Dec-08 16:14:15

personally i thought they were wierd
i had one given to me at the nuchal scan i had (a 3d image)
wouldnt have paid specifically for it
sone now 18months old. dont think i looked at it more than once since he was born

cea Wed 17-Dec-08 17:10:24

My friend had one a couple of weeks ago, described it as very wierd and said she wouldn't do it again as she didn't enjoy it at all.

33k Thu 18-Dec-08 15:18:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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