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Gap between pregnancies...

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Flick Mon 17-Mar-03 14:09:35

DS is now six and a half months and am very broody. Stopped breastfeeding in December and never went back onto contraception so effectively have tried with no success for 2 (long) cycles. How long has it taken others to get pregnant after their first child?

bundle Mon 17-Mar-03 14:12:47

we planned to have another once dd was 2...started a couple of months after she turned 2 and it happened that month - just good luck I expect but had cut down on drinking and started taking folic acid before conception. good luck!

threeangels Mon 17-Mar-03 14:34:31

I have 3 and one on the way. First 3 were conceived first month. Fourth was conceived on 2 month. Tried one month didnt work then the next month of no trying ended up conceiving.

Flick Mon 17-Mar-03 14:40:37

Oh dear - well we have been trying 3 months already and my cycles are very long - have been 33, 34 and 36 days long.

threeangels Mon 17-Mar-03 14:47:16

Hello Flick - Three months trying isnt really long. It's bound to happen soon. A normal couple can take 6 mos to 1 yr. I know it can seem like an eternity though. Good luck

PandaBear Mon 17-Mar-03 14:55:29

Flick - also may take a while for your cycle to settle down after breastfeeding. Try not to worry too much - the more stressed you get about it the harder it will be to conceive!! Enjoy trying and good luck!!!

bundle Mon 17-Mar-03 15:08:25

flick, my cycles are that long too!

mum2toby Mon 17-Mar-03 15:13:12

Flick - I was VERY broody whilst ds was a baby and would have loved to have had another (at the time)... I'm still so painfully broody, but ds is 21mths old and I'm glad I have waited!! I can't imagine having a baby as well as a toddler (I'm perhaps a wimp!!). 3 months isn't that long really and maybe it's your bodies way of saying NOT YET!!

Good luck and keep us posted. BTW - my cycles are long too (32 days)... glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Demented Mon 17-Mar-03 15:19:35

I have long irregular cycles too and it took us 6 months to conceive DS1 and 9 months to conceive DS2.

Flick Mon 17-Mar-03 15:24:29

As I was on the pill for ten years before having ds1 and he was conceived when I was on the pill, I cannot remember how long my cycle used to be. Anyway, fingers crossed for this month!

Marina Mon 17-Mar-03 15:28:17

Flick, I b/f for longer than you did and it took me 18 months to conceive Thomas, whom we sadly lost at 21 weeks. I got pregnant with this baby only three months after losing Tom. What I'm trying to say is in any one person it can vary a lot and it certainly takes a lot of bodies a while to settle down after b/f.
Definitely recommend charting and everything you can do to make yourself feel "in control" of this situation, which can be fraught at times.
I can honestly say that not worrying about it helped in our case, easier said than done I know. But third time round I was so convinced we'd never have another child that I was quite relaxed about the whole thing. Whereas I was very uptight when trying for Tom.

Flick Mon 17-Mar-03 15:36:37

Thanks - I know a lot of people have much worse times than me and I should be thankful that I have a lovely ds1. But am really really keen to have no 2 asap

Melly Mon 17-Mar-03 19:44:01

Flick, agree with PandaBear, try to relax and I'm sure it will happen soon.....enjoy the practice in the meantime I had dd at 36 and fell pregnant quite quickly about 7 months later which sadly ended in a miscarriage. Happily I got pregnant again two months later and am due in about 3 weeks, but I have to say that I've found this pregnancy a long haul, probably a combination of being "older" and having to look after a young toddler rather than put my feet up or have a quick snooze like I did when I was expecting dd, which makes a huge difference. Having said that though I'm glad there will only be 20/21 months between dd and new baby.
Wishing you the best of luck

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