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Anyone had different pregnancy symptoms for each baby?

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Moomin Mon 17-Mar-03 12:58:41

Am trying for a baby at the moment. With 1st pregnancy (which ended in early miscarriage) and dd had sore boobs first, hormonally moody and then, with dd, nausea from about week 6. I'm not due on for about 5 days but feel very nauseous. Boobs seem OK though. Went to Boots and they said not to take a preg test until period is due/late as I might get a false negative. Yes, I know I'm jumping the gun, but am excited! Won't be gutted of not, but was wondering if anyone has any experience of varying/different symptoms for each pregnancy?

Jodiesmum Mon 17-Mar-03 13:09:17

Yes, different symptoms with my 2 pregnancies. First one had extremely sore boobs from just after conception and assumed this would be the case next time. This time round, I felt absolutely nothing, other than a few period-like cramps until 6/7 wks when the nausea kicked in. It was so different to what I was expecting I couldn't believe I really was pregnant and ended up doing 3 tests just to make sure! So maybe it will be the same for you - good luck!

Jaybee Mon 17-Mar-03 13:36:48

Same here both completely different - didn't have any 'symptoms' at all with ds - no aching boobs, no sickness, no heartburn. With dd I had a little bit of everything going.

buttercup Mon 17-Mar-03 13:39:58

moomin - i had exactly the same excitement as you when I felt sick from about one week after ovulation. turned out i was pregnant in contrast to first time round when didnt feel sick until about week 6.

Angel78 Mon 17-Mar-03 16:00:30

My pregnancies were complete opposites. With ds there were no signs at all but with dd I had everything and not just morning sickness but all day sickness. So strange when I didn't feel sick at all with ds.
I had bad heartburn at the start with dd and at the end with ds.
Good luck Moomin.

wiltshirelass Mon 17-Mar-03 17:26:45

I have a theory that the boobs don't hurt half as much the second time around, not only through pregnancy but also afterwards - when milk comes in etc. I was horribly engorged with the first but not at all with the second, I think they have a bit of a "memory". A pet theory that I've tested on several friends and they all seem to agree.
The nausea seems to be fairly constant though - either you get it or you don't. If you do, the strength can vary a bit with pregnancy to pregnancy...

Katherine Mon 17-Mar-03 18:33:01

Sorry Wiltshirelass have to disagree. I am on my 6th pg now after 2 healthy pg and 3 losses. I have to say that this time my boobs are more sore than ever before. Tehy weren't that tender at first but now almost half way through they've begun to really hurt.

All my pg have been very different. My last pg had v.v. strong symptoms but ended in mc at 12 weeks. My symptoms have been pretty strong this time too but everything seems fine. With my first 2 which ended in mc I had very few symptoms - same with the next 2 which produced DS and DD.

Every pg is different.

rainbowface Mon 17-Mar-03 21:26:54

I am 14 weeks pg (second pgncy). With my first ( which produced a boy) I felt fine this early on, but this time I have had really bad nausea which lasts ALL day. Horrible! The smell of certain foods, brushing my teeth all make me gag. Also I have gone right off chocolate, Which for me is really odd. I have been a bit surprised as I think I expected to feel similar to last time. I have been wondering if it could be a girl this time as I have had friends that felt worse when they were carrying girls. Anyone have any opinion on this theory?

bluebear Mon 17-Mar-03 21:38:45

first time I didn't feel nausea etc until 11 weeks - and then was sick everyday for the rest of the pregnancy.
This time (so far 9 weeks) have had nausea all day since a few days before period was due. I'm hoping this means that I may feel better in the second trimester. (Well I can hope!)

Angel78 Mon 17-Mar-03 22:23:02

Rainbowface I definitely agree that you feel worse with girls. Not just the sickness but the hormones too. Mine were all over the place with dd. I have friends who have all had the same experience. I carried my two differently too. DS was all around and very high while dd was all bump and low. I've also heard boys kick more and girls wiggle. Have to say that was also true for me.

forest Tue 18-Mar-03 11:05:27

If your theory is right that means I am having a boy! I felt dreadful the first time - sick all day until 16 weeks and I had a girl. But this time I have only had the passing bit of nausea although I am only 8 weeks. Will just have to wait and see

NQWWW Wed 19-Mar-03 14:55:17

And I'm having another ds by the sounds of it. Felt nauseous all through first 14 weeks, but was only sick once, and this time has been exactly the same.

bundle Wed 19-Mar-03 15:14:26

felt much sicker with dd1 - and I know my HCG level has been lower this time (because of Barts/quadruple test I had) even though I am having another girl. did feel quite nauseous at smell of dh's mackerel supper the other night (hurt his feelings by not joining him, even though it probably was fab - steamed with mustard, coriander etc and served with mash)

windmill Mon 24-Mar-03 17:57:39

Hello, I am not sure about the feeling worse with a girl theory. I've just had one boy and two miscarriages so I can't really say what's it like carrying a girl for me, but with my son I felt terrible; I could hardly get out of bed because of tiredness for the first five and a half months; I had terrible nausea and vomiting, heartburn, was doubled up with abdominal pain regularly for the first 18 weeks, which seemed to be due to constipation, which when not pregnant either causes me no pain, or mild aching, and got terrible dizzy spells too. I also know of several other women who felt fine with a girl and bad with a boy, but laso a couple who found it was the other way round.

KMG Tue 25-Mar-03 07:14:20

Rainbowface - my last pregnancy (after 2 boys) was very different from the first two. Baby wasn't as big. And instead of feeling 110% the whole time, I felt completely hideous - very sick for most of it, and utterly exhausted. Only managed to feel about 80% for 7 weeks in the middle somewhere. ... I was convinced it was a girl. ... he wasn't! (I was delighted - always wanted boys, never wanted a girl ... not sure why now - 3.5 yrs in!)

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