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Dreadfully painful abdominal trapped wind.... any tips to ease it?

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auntyspan Sun 07-Dec-08 20:19:13

Hi everyone

Really suffering tonight with trapped wind - pain around my boobs and back has had me on all fours moaning - and I'm not usually a fusser. Pretty sure it's trapped wind, any ideas on how to MAKE IT GO AWAY!?!

Heated Sun 07-Dec-08 20:31:28

Ouch! I share your pain. Hot water bottle, hot tea, gentle rocking and lower back rub all helped me.

titmouse Sun 07-Dec-08 20:33:28

peppermint tea? I find walking around helps if you can manage to walk upright,I hope it goes soon for you.

Anna8888 Sun 07-Dec-08 20:35:09

Try peppermint essence - 2 drops in a large glass of water.

auntyspan Sun 07-Dec-08 20:45:56

no peppermint to hand (DH suggested dissolving a polomint in water hmm) but currently hot water bottle doing the trick.

Thanks ladies smile

rolandbrowning Sun 07-Dec-08 20:47:29

Drink hot water, as hot as you can stand. Always works for me, also try to move around.

noonar Sun 07-Dec-08 20:48:28

'cat' yoga position. all fours. bum in air. stretch out arms in front of you and drop chest and head to the ground.

noonar Sun 07-Dec-08 20:49:19

sorry. forehead on ground. not chest.

moondog Sun 07-Dec-08 20:55:13

I don't believe in 'trapped wind'.
Is it just a coy way of saying you need to fart/have eaten too much/don't move enough?

auntyspan Sun 07-Dec-08 21:02:27

i sincerely hope you don't ever suffer from trapped wind moondog. I'm active, and it's not a farty feeling it's up high around my ribs. And believe me, I'm not coy, if I needed to fart i would. It's actually taking my breath away at the moment.

moondog Sun 07-Dec-08 21:08:55

Fair enough

EsmeWeatherwax Sun 07-Dec-08 21:10:27

I got this loads in early pregnancy this time. Have you got any antacids? They sometimes work. Or get dh to rub your back a la a small baby getting up wind, that sometimes worked. Also, oddly enough, if I drank a wee fizzy drink sometimes that would shift it, encouraged burps!

DaisyMooSteiner Sun 07-Dec-08 21:10:33

OK, don't want to be alarmist, but this could also be epigastric pain which can be a symptom of something serious. I would phone your midwife or delivery suite and ask their advice, just to be safe.

jalopy Sun 07-Dec-08 21:27:00

It might be gallstones.

EightiesChick Sun 07-Dec-08 21:27:39

Moondog, it's definitely not from want of trying that trapped wind is 'trapped'. Because of intestinal surgery I've had , I get this a lot - basically, when the wind is just stuck in your labyrinthine intestinal system and can't move down to the exit point. It's even worse now as I'm now 32 weeks & baby is making the blockage worse!

auntyspan, the suggestions of moving & peppermint tea are good. Bounce around on the toilet seat if necessary - sorry if TMI but I find it helps.

squeakypop Sun 07-Dec-08 21:29:01

I remember it well. It makes you sympathetic of colic that your infants may get.

I think that silicone based treatments are teh most effective.

TortoiseRidesaReindeer Sun 07-Dec-08 21:30:10

Agree with jalopy. It could be gall stones. My 1st attacks were when i was preg. Didn't know at the time that is what it was. Just thought it was very severe wind.

BabyBaby123 Sun 07-Dec-08 21:38:03

i've had this during this pregnancy - have you got any Fybogel? Might help you go to the toilet and relieve it a bit

ThingOne Sun 07-Dec-08 21:41:28

I suffer from trapped wind a lot due to bowel surgery - boy does it exist moondog <slapped hand emoticon> - and I always carry polos. They do well on their own - you don't need to melt them. Peppermint tea is the best. Moving around and stretching the area can help things move. It's grim but try to relax.

edenkxlly Sun 22-Jun-14 10:24:24

Ow! usually a nice hot bubble bath helps and a laid a hot (brew) . smile

Chloris33 Sun 22-Jun-14 12:33:10

Wind-eze tablets (simethicone). Perfectly safe in pregnancy, you can buy them over the counter. They do help, but try to take at earliest signs of the horrible bloating. It's so horrible, I am having this big time too. Fennel tea can also be soothing. Fizzy water and trying to burp a bit. xx

oohdaddypig Sun 22-Jun-14 12:35:25

I have this really badly too. For me it's partly because I'm chewing gum to stave nausea... Sorbitol is evil

Anyway, a useful yoga trick is to lie on your back and lift your left leg and put knee to chest, as best you can. Hold for 5 secs. Then do other leg. Repeat till relief felt!!

AlwaysDancing1234 Sun 22-Jun-14 13:20:25

I found bouncing on my gym ball helped or being on all fours with my bum up in the air, not the most flattering position I grant you! Mint tea is good also although I hate the taste!

PragmaticWench Sun 22-Jun-14 13:21:27

I remember being on all fours, clinging to the bathroom radiator in the middle of the night with trapped wind last time I was pregnant. It was excruciating! Really feel for you OP. I used windeze and it really helped. Between the windeze, Rennie for heartburn and iron tablets for anaemia, I hated pregnancy!

hubbahubster Sun 22-Jun-14 16:35:37

Another vote for peppermint tea. Had two ELCS and got terrible trapped wind after both, and it really did help. Either pop out for some tea bags or grow your own mint. It grows like a weed and a few leaves scrunched with hot water over will sort you out.

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